5 Awesome Construction Lead Generation Ideas You Need

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Do you own a construction business? Looking for help with construction lead generation? This article is here to help! Over the past couple of years, the demands of the average consumer have changed. They want to do business with a brand that shares their values, goals and provides solutions to their problems.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—all you have to do is to reinvent your company’s narratives & flow with the changing times. The million-dollar question is how to get qualified leads?

To make your construction company a success, you need to generate leads that drive revenue & money to your company. Let’s take a look at the top proven tactics to increase lead generation for your construction business. 

Network in Your Community

Networking is a great way of generating leads for your business. You need to connect with other project managers or general contractors to create awareness about your company. Connect with them at trade shows, advertising events, and exhibitions, etc.

Leave promotional products that will build your construction company’s brand & reputation. Moreover, it is a great idea to leave your business card at the local coffee shop, hardware store, restaurant, etc. Companies can also interact with the community by participating in local community service projects.

Since you are helping others, it will not only raise awareness regarding your company but will also establish trust in the community. Join networks such as the National Association of Home Builders, Associated General Contractors of America, etc.

It is important that you visit the Chamber of Commerce’s website to check out local projects. If there is a local chapter of Business Networking International around you, the prudent choice would be to join it. If you are not sure which network will be best for your business model, hire a digital marketing expert.

Share advice with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. If someone needs help on a project, make sure that you offer them professional, helpful advice. This will create an air of trust in the expert capabilities of your business, and will help build satisfied customer relationships!

Inform & Showcase Your Projects

What better way of gaining other person’s trust by displaying your previous successfully completed construction projects? When it comes to construction companies, no decision gets made overnight. 

Homeowners, property managers, landlords, etc. need to ensure that the people they hire are trustworthy and will finish the work efficiently. To do this, you need to inform the targeted persons about your previously completed projects. 

In today’s fast-paced world, it is very difficult to grab the attention of the target person’s audience and keep them hooked. You need to display your projects on your website in an eye-catching, alluring way. 

It is a good option to create a dedicated portfolio section on your website that will help with construction lead generation. Take a two-pronged approach for showcasing your portfolio – add pictures of your design and work along with testimonials, reviews & feedback from your users to set yourself apart from other competitors. 

This will definitely website visitors. However, you have to go a step further and hook them using attractive direct mailers, DIY guides, etc. Get creative with your email marketing campaigns and you will have the target audience enraptured with the powerful content you created!

Generate Referrals for Construction Lead Generation

All advertising tools aside, the best and most effective tactic is referrals and word-of-mouth. If your consumers brag about the high quality of your services, it will help your business grow successfully and help with construction lead generation.

Successful business owners ensure that exceptional customer service is an integral part of their services. It is a nice thing to call your clients for a follow-up after a couple of months to stay on top of their minds. People always trust their family and friends more than random sales pitches. 

Send out promotional products to your prospective customers that they can use such as promotional pens, notepads, watches, etc. Anyone that sees them using your promotional items will also receive a positive message regarding your brand!

Whenever someone refers a client, thank them by sending out discount coupons, free samples, etc. Build your referral network & connections with direct mail gifting & thanking other companies for referred work!

Do Local SEO

What most companies and construction businesses fail to work on is Local SEO. Even if you are a large construction company owner, your business is going to function in a particular geographical region. 

While boosting your company’s lead generation, you have to ensure that you don’t get leads from areas or regions where you don’t offer services. The best way of ensuring that you are only pulling in the right leads is via local search engine optimization. 

Tailor your online presence – your website and online listings – to the area where you work. You should start from the Google My Business listing and add your up-to-date contact info, address, etc. on your business listing. 

Not only will your website and services rank higher, but you will also become more visible in the search engine results. Create a functional, well-designed website with up-to-date contact info, your completed projects, current projects that you are working on, etc. 

Evaluate the speed of your webpages and ensure that they load quickly. Take advantage of technology and improve your website content with photos, bidding details, appointment costs, etc. 

Another great way of generating leads is by adding a call-to-action on your website. CTAs like “Get a Project Bid” or “Request a Quote” along with a contact form submission is a nice and easy way for construction lead generation. 

Have A Social Media Presence

In the digital world of today, having a social media presence is very important. Improve your social media marketing strategy & create attractive social media profiles on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. 

Interact with your prospects & potential customers. Engage with them & share helpful tidbits about the construction industry. It is good to keep them interested in your services by holding contests, giveaways, etc. 

You can also get branded safety apparel for your workers which will leave a positive impression on your future customers.

Construction Lead Generation Next Steps

Generating commercial construction leads requires a lot more work than simply running advertisements. Paying for a spot on the local TV channel or a billboard will not cause an influx of phone calls. You need an effective lead generation & marketing plan.

You can create in-house strategies, or hire professionals to take care of your online marketing leads. Remember, no matter how good & efficient your company is, without the right kind of marketing channels, it would be of no use.

The tips that we have mentioned above should be a necessary part of your construction lead generation & marketing strategy. From sending out attractive direct mailers & newsletters to increasing your social media presence, use these tips to help you with construction lead generation.

Once the potential clients contact you, tell them all the bidding details and costs, appointment times, etc. This help will you generate leads!