A seamless and supportive process
that meets you where you're at.

Some clients come to us with a fully formed concept. Others approach us with simply a goal and a timeline. Whatever stage they’re at, we leverage our expertise, 5,000 manufacturers, and global resources to make their lives easier and brands shine.

Strategy for Success

Leverage the IMS Toolbox to hit your goals

Execution Roadmap

Detailed look at future programs planned out as far into the future as you feel comfortable!

Relevant Check In

Based on the schedule established, IMS will be reaching out with relevant updates and options

Rapid Response Time​

A capable team ready to execute when you are!

5 Step Order Process

1. Order Confirmation

2. Proof Approval

3. Projected Ship Date

4.  Tracking Number

5.  Invoice

Continuous Feedback

Feedback loop at all levels of the organization

Unlimited possibilities.

Breathe life into your brand with our broad service offerings. We look forward to assisting you!