How to Leverage Direct Mail to Build Relationships

The majority of business professionals give a go-ahead to email marketing, whether it is for retaining customers, getting new clients, nurturing leads and overall building lasting relationships.

However, with the market saturated with companies and practitioners sending all sort of communications every day, email marketing has turned to be a extremely challenging endeavor for experts in any field — among them, loan officers.

Referral sources such as realtors (or any real state professional), educational institutes, builders or financial planners may be getting over a hundred emails a day.

It wouldn’t be completely off the tracks thinking a big chunk of those emails ends up in the trash folder. 

With that said, as long as loan officers rely upon segmentation, personalization and other sets of marketing strategies to complement emails, they get hold of great opportunities to establish partnerships and grow their business.

Customize the Content

Personalization for loan officers is putting the referral source in the center of the conversation by crafting a message mentioning their recent successes, call-to-actions or seasonal content.

In this order of ideas, becoming better acquainted with their struggles and wins is fundamental to structure customized emails.

Now, sending emails one-by-one to hundreds of referral sources is neither practical nor smart. For that matter, segmentation plays an important part in customization. 

Classifying referral sources depending on how they landed inside the list on first place, the field they work in or type of customers they get is a good first step to put together a message that will get through. 

Complement with other Social Interactions

LinkedIn is a solid source of business validation, as the interactions in it are focused on professional development.

Twitter and Facebook certainly have a different approach and referral sources may not have a stronger presence in these social media platforms, or well not focused on growing a community there. 

With that being said, communication doesn’t need to be constant but timely.

For example, if the loan officer recently put a killer newsletter with updates on the financial area it can be promoted through social networks, although the primary way to get it is through email. In that way, they can get leads and engage in other platforms with referral sources. 

Be Relevant

From birthday cards going through seasonal events to market trends, relevancy furthers relationships. Cold emails offering a set of services only are risky and sometimes seem lazy. 

There is more than one way to skin a cat, loan officers could send first a seasonal relevant email where they offer their services but in a more organic way. For instance, first, they could tell what the last year trends for house seekers were during this exact time, and how financial advisors can reach them more easily. After offering a bit of advice, there could be a button to find out more or contact a professional that is able to help them get more business.

Offer Exclusive Resources

Exclusivity is very attractive as it offer two far-reaching benefits for referral sources and loan officers.

In one hand, referral sources who have exclusive knowledge about their fields put themselves on top of the game due to they have better understanding of their clients’ necessities. They can create better solutions and stand out from their competitors.

On the other side, loan officers offering exclusive resources boost their recognition and establish themselves as authorities in the field.

In this manner, more people will be keen to open emails, if the resources are sent through them. Providing with unique and helpful insights increase the click-through rate and improve relationships with referral sources.

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