11+ Uber Creative ​​Direct Mail Gift Ideas for Businesses

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These direct mail gift ideas are an effective way of creating an atmosphere of goodwill for your business.

Let’s take a look at a few effective direct mail gift ideas that help your business leave a lasting impact in the minds of people.

Direct Mail Gift Ideas for Customers

Gift Bags

Gift bags to customers in the form of coupons or discount codes will show your customers that you treasure them and you are not just another big corporation looking to make more money.

Personalized Office Collateral

You can send them personalized office supplies engraved with your name and logo. Whenever they use the product, your company will be at the forefront of their minds.

Who doesn’t like being appreciated and acknowledged? Not only should you focus on gaining new clients, but you also have to value and cherish your current customers. A nice way of doing that is by sending them thank you gifts whenever they place an order with you.

Give away product samples to the customers to give them a taste of what you offer. This will increase the value of the mail and will definitely end up generating more profits for you.

Your customers will tell their family and friends about such a personalized gesture which means free and genuine publicity for your business!

Direct Mail Gift Ideas for Employees

Celebration Gifts

Celebrate milestones for your people such as employee anniversaries, birthdays, new hires, etc. by giving out gifts to your workers.

Incentive gifts will not only make the recipients happy, but everyone else will feel as if they work for a business that actually values them.

Personalized Gifts Relevant To Their Hobbies

A little bit of forethought and planning can make the direct mail campaigns a huge success. Learn the hobbies, dreams, and ambitions of your staff, and then give them items based on their interests. This will make your worker feel truly valued and seen.

Fun Desk Gifts

Desk gifts will be a constant reminder to the employee of your appreciation: when we smell the plant you gave them or use the custom stationery. 

Whatever you choose, they will be appreciative!

End of Year Holiday Gifts

Who doesn’t love the holidays? 

Give your employees even more reasons to love work with end of year holidays gifts like custom ornaments and cards.

What changes the entire game for a business and takes it from just-doing-okay to a roaring success? Engaged office employees who feel appreciated and valued by their company. It is not only your customers who you have to focus on but your marketing teams, sales teams as well.

Moreover, incentives and gifts can boost job satisfaction and productivity because they engage the people in ways that yearly reviews or verbal praise can’t match. Don’t pick run-of-the-mill, standard corporate gifts for your employees.

So, the sky’s the limit when it comes to appreciating employees via promotional items!

Direct Mail Gift Ideas for Prospects

Thank you Gifts After Demos

Did you just finish a demo and want something to dive the message in? Why not do that with the help of follow-up promotional products? A simple thank you gift will remind the prospect and can convert them into a customer.

Handwritten Note

Send out a little handwritten thank you note to your prospective client.

This will give them the nudge they need to use your services.

Food Gifts

A yummy gift is one everyone loves. 

A box of chocolate or a variety of nuts will do the trick and will help turn prospects into clients.

We sometimes forget that personal direct mail pieces have a fantastic return on investment. Not only is it simple and cost-effective, but it stands out in a world full of Facebook ads and PPC. 

Send out personalized postcards, handwritten letters, vintage envelopes, and handwritten notes with promo codes or exclusive sign-up deals to reel the clients in!

Direct Mail Gift Ideas for Partners

Partnership Anniversary Gifts

Send out partnership anniversary gifts such as wine, flowers, or chocolates. Personalized surprise gifts have massive ROI and are a nice way of celebrating all the hard work your partners put in to make your company and business successful. 

End Of Year Holiday Gifts

End-of-year gifts for holidays are a great way to ensure your partners know they are treasured.

Don’t limit your appreciation to your potential customers and employees only. Send out direct mail gifts to your partners, agencies working with you, sources of contact, and anyone who makes your company what it is.

Partners play a key role in building your business, especially if you are a B2B company. When it comes to running a successful business, adding partners to your business is only half the battle. The real struggle is to maintain a good, healthy, and happy business relationship with them.

Send them tickets to their favorite events and see new doors and opportunities open up for you!

Closing with Direct Mail Gift Ideas

We live in a world where services and products are available to us at the click of a mouse. How can you stand out and catch the eye of the target audience in such a competitive world?

Finding interesting and exciting new ways to engage your potential clientele is essential to the success of your business in the industry.

You can break new frontiers and reach unprecedented growth levels with a solid advertising & marketing plan. Direct mail marketing can help you with your goals since it is more tangible, personal, and interactive than digital marketing campaign ideas.

Your brand will always be remembered as genuine, caring, and generous and they will spread the good word about your business with the help of postcards, handwritten notes, handwritten letters in vintage envelopes, and a lot more!

It’s hard to meet your prospects personally nor can you dazzle your partners with your exceptional in-person presentation skills with a global pandemic going on. In such scenarios, direct mail campaigns can open doors for you, create awareness and increase your brand engagement.