Construction Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Brand

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Do you have a construction brand and want to grow its business? Your organization can reach new heights of market success with the help of effective construction marketing tactics. Whether you are running a single-person construction operation or you are working with a dedicated construction team, excellent marketing approaches will make your company stand out.

Let’s see what construction marketing ideas you can deploy in your construction business, not only to grow your business but to create a better brand as well!

Create Referrals & Business Opportunities with Direct Mail

Who doesn’t love a personalized, customized touch in traditional marketing? We all see hundreds of digital marketing ads every day but we only remember a few that we connected with. Direct mail is a highly effective advertising tool that helps you connect with your target audience on a personal level.

Make sure that you create alluring and enticing mailers that grab the attention of the audience. Direct mail breaks the clutter of digital media marketing and gives your brand’s sales pitch attention and increases business growth.

From something as tangible as the construction industry, direct mail is a perfect match. The more creative you get with the design of the mailer, the easier it gets to create brand awareness and generate qualified leads. 

Create a list of construction industry clientele and then send free promotional items to happy customers. Direct mail is more personalized than an email newsletter and helps you maintain existing relationships while establishing new ones. 

Moreover, we all know that no advertising tool tops word of mouth. With the help of direct mail, you can create customer referral programs. Offer free services to ideal customers when they refer new clients to your business and become an industry leader!

Trust us, making customer testimonials as a part of your professional marketing strategy definitely go a long way in spreading positive news about your business. Email marketing campaigns are effective for creating awareness about your company and generating business leads.

You can create email lists using email marketing software, and reach a larger audience. 

Grow Your Brand with Safety Apparel

We all know how important safety is when it comes to the construction industry. To decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents, you have to get safety apparel for your employee. So why not keep the workers safe and market your brand at the same time?

We are talking about getting branded safety apparel. Branded safety apparel will increase brand awareness on the worksite. As a result, people will relate your brand with a company that puts the safety of their employees above anything else. 

With a reputation as a construction company that maintains protection standards, you will stand out from the rest of your competitors. Moreover, this will help in attracting future customers! You can easily distribute the safety apparel with the help of a webstore

It is better to centralize all your marketing budget by hiring a professional marketing service provider. Not only do you have the assurance that you will get expert, high-quality service, but you also get volume discounts. Hire a team of experts from a professional marketing consulting firm with extensive market knowledge to increase your conversion rates!

Moreover, you will be able to easily automate your brand standards! If it is a company logo you are looking to put on your safety hats, vests, or other safety materials, hiring a professional will save you a lot of headaches and produce great results!

Drive Awareness at Local Events & Tradeshows

Looking for a perfect way to showcase the latest products of your company and network with existing and potential customers? Tradeshows and local events are a great way to do so. Moreover, there is a good chance that you will meet potential investors there too.

At tradeshows and local events, there are several construction businesses, many of whom are your competitors. Therefore, you need an engaging and attractive display that will catch everyone’s attention. 

From architectural product manufacturers to construction industry leaders, account-based marketing is highly effective. There are various trade shows ideas and ways in which you can make your company stand out at a trade show. 

Interact with the visitors by creating a contest, offer free product samples at product launches, etc. another way of creating awareness regarding your brand is through giving out promotional items at local events such as Golf events, etc. 

Since golfers need various items such as hats, gloves, etc. when they hit the golf course, it is a great opportunity to promote your brand. From the basic golf-apparel to must-have golf accessories, there are plenty of things that you can market as giveaways or promotional items.

Impress high-profile clients with promotional golf balls, golf tees, branded golf towels, and a lot more and increase sales!

Project Showcases to Your Community

Does your construction website seem like a blast from the past? If it does, you need to make some changes. Construction projects usually involve heavy capital investment which requires a high level of consumer trust.

A broken, outdated website that doesn’t showcase your deep experience and the past project is going to be a red flag. A poor website lowers your credibility and turns away potential customers. A professional website demonstrates that you are a legit construction company with quality services.

There are thousands of websites online—make sure that your company’s website stands out by hiring professional marketing consultation firms. Demonstrate your newest completed projects on your website or other marketing channels. 

Showcase your best projects in an eye-catching way as a part of your construction marketing strategy. Moreover, make sure that the website looks slick, contemporary, and professional as part of your marketing efforts and traditional marketing campaigns.

Think of your website as your business card. Use educational content and interactive elements to inform the website visitors about your projects, your construction company, and answer any questions that they might have.

Create a mobile-friendly website to improve the marketing excellence of your business!

Social Media Platforms & Search Engine Optimization

The last but not the least construction industry marketing tactic is social media marketing & search engine optimization In the digital age of today, you need to interact with your prospective customers over the internet and on several social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. 

Focus on valuable content creation to not only increase your customer base but to gain customer trust as well. Commercial construction companies use LinkedIn in their digital marketing strategies & use their marketing resources in the right way.

Make sure that you interact with them through interesting giveaways, witty video content, attention-grabbing pictures, captions, etc. Your design team is very important when it comes to creating memorable online experiences.

Talking about SEO companies, not only should you optimize your website’s content but you also have to optimize your website for local relevance. Add local keywords, your company’s address, phone number, etc. to improve the keyword search authority of your content.

It is better to hire SEO marketing experts so that you will end up wasting your time and get no results. Experts are marketing assets who help you improve the standard of your marketing. In the construction industry, phone calls and one-on-one interaction are a very important part of marketing programs.

Effective Construction Marketing Next Steps

Effective construction marketing depends on a dedicated & respected team and a strong marketing strategy. You can keep your marketing in-house or outsource to professionals, depending on your business objectives and your business’s budget.

People with successful marketing careers will help you make good business decisions. Moreover, marketing training is necessary to ensure the success of your company. 

Whether your marketing is in-house or you hire well-trained marketing construction managers, the different types of marketing techniques such as email marketing software, SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO), etc. that we have mentioned above will definitely help you grow your construction brand.