21 Qualifying Questions To Discover Fitting Prospects

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Do you want to discover new prospects or clients?

Finding potential customers and prospects can sometimes seem like a daunting task. You might even get stuck wondering whether it’s worth investing time into finding new leads.

But before you give up on finding new leads, take note of these 21 questions that can help you discover promising prospects. This way you can get to know your audience better without wasting time.

Why Is It Essential to Ask Prospects Qualification Questions?

Sales qualification and sales qualification strategy are the first steps in a sales process. They are critical because they determine whether or not you are able to qualify a prospect for an opportunity. If you don’t ask the right sales qualification questions, then it’s likely that a qualified lead won’t be converted into a customer.

You wouldn’t want to spend too much time and resources pursuing dead leads and as such, qualifying questions help to eliminate those prospects. Asking sales qualification questions helps prospects to understand the value of your solution and helps them to determine if the solution meets their needs.

The Qualifying Questions for Prospects

These 21 qualifying questions will help you identify your ideal target market so you can find them online:

1) What stage is your business at currently?

2) How much do you want to earn with this business?

3) Where would you ideally like your business to go over the next year? And what should we start doing now to make sure we achieve our goals?

4) Do you need more traffic for your site?

5) Are you looking for a change from where you are present? (If yes, describe.)

6) Would any changes improve your website?

7) Who owns your company right now and how did they acquire it?

8) When was your last marketing campaign? Did it work?

9) What is the prospect’s pain point?

10) What is the prospect’s time frame?

11) What is the prospect’s budget?

12) Can you meet the prospect in person?

13) Can you contact the prospect by phone?

14) How many years has this prospect been in business?

15) What kind of growing pains is the prospect facing?

16) What are the prospect’s plans for the future?

17) What are the prospect’s pain points in the future?

18) What is the prospect’s point of view?

19) What is the prospect’s biggest fear?

20) What is the prospect’s favorite way to consume media?

21) Why do you need this service/product?

What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?

The purpose of a sales funnel is to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal for your customers. But when you’re starting out, it may be difficult to determine which type of pricing model works best for you. That’s where the unique value proposition comes in. This is more than just an advertising slogan or marketing tagline — it gives potential buyers a clear idea of why they need to choose your company over another. If you don’t clearly define your value proposition, it’ll be very hard for them to decide: “Is this worth it?”

This means you need to focus on establishing yourself as the top authority within your industry. However, unless you’re already established, you won’t always get this kind of attention. So how do you go around creating buzz? 

Your first approach is to promote yourself through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. This helps build credibility for your brand and create buzz among your target audience. Once people start talking about your brand online, it becomes easier to convert interested customers into paying clients.

Once you’ve gained some traction online, it’s time to consider offline methods. You can create pamphlets or brochures to hand out at local events or hold seminars in public places (like parks and malls). 

Key Takeaways from Our List of Qualifying Questions for Prospects

To qualify someone as a lead, you must understand both who they are and why they are buying from you – not just what products they want to buy. The answers to these questions should help you gain insight into the prospect’s needs, objectives, attitudes, and behaviors. It’s important to ask every qualified lead these questions because doing so increases your chances of conversion. We hope this article hoped to expand your knowledge on this topic!