The Best Office Wellness Ideas to Make (and Keep) Your Team Happy

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Wondering how you can make and keep your office team happy? You can start by promoting workplace wellness & making office wellness ideas a part of your company’s HR policy.

Most of us don’t prioritize employee wellness and put them off for later, or give them secondary importance.

However, that is a very counter-productive approach.

Why? Because there is a direct link between employee performance and employee wellness.

We’ve put together a list of office wellness ideas that will create a wellness company culture at work and result in an engaged team.

Provide PPE

A safe workforce is a productive workforce. It is hard to stop workplace accidents from occurring but it is very easy to reduce the potential for risk, injury, and harm with safety gear. You can keep your workforce safe as well as save thousands of dollars on healthcare and potential lawsuits.

If you provide PPE for your workers, you are not only protecting them from direct harm, but you are also reducing the costs of accidents, employee downtime due to workplace injuries, workers’ comp premium increases, health risk assessment, etc.

Healthy Snacks

Who doesn’t love munching on the Twinkies and Cheetos in the office during lunch? However, unhealthy food comes with plenty of drawbacks. Instead of stocking the meeting rooms and break areas with sugary or salty snacks, get healthy office snacks. 

You can’t be really productive after having a large burger and greasy fries from a food truck, right? Instead of junk food, offer healthier food options that will boost the productivity of your employees.

A fresh and healthy lifestyle like snacks improves mood, energy & fitness levels, reduces stress levels, and boosts employee productivity.

Go with cheese, apples, veggies with hummus, granola bars, etc. Various brands offer subscription services full of healthy options at discounted rates and you can look into them. 

Volunteer to a Local Charity Event

Charity events happen in every town and city in our country and make for great social events. The issue is that many people don’t know that these events are taking place and miss out on the wonderful opportunities offered by them.

Ensure that your employees volunteer at these local charity events. Volunteering will enrich the life of your employees, as they will get to spend time with the local community and help make the world a better place.

Volunteering is an excellent way to get exposure and broaden your network. Get branded t-shirts to put a company name to your event.

When we volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, it’s fun when the organizers yell out “Inspire’s at (number) meals packed!” to everyone there.

Charity or volunteer events are guaranteed to reinforce your company values & give the employees a chance to develop their social skills as well.

Start an Inter-Office Workout Program

The physical and mental health of a person directly affects a person’s ability to work. We all know that exercise is important but find it hard to maintain a regular workout routine. Why not help your employees by starting an office fitness competition? 

A little healthy competition is just what your modern office team needs to start burning those calories and living to their fullest.

A great corporate wellness program idea is to create fitness challenges and give incentives to the workers to achieve the set wellness goals & targets.

Anything that improves the level of physical activity will reduce the health care cost for your company in the long run. Make sure that this employee wellness program has a flexible schedule so that workers working varying shifts can be a part of it.

Sponsor a Local Youth Sports Team

Another employee wellness program idea is to sponsor a local youth sports team. Not only will this increase awareness of your business’s services & products, but it will also build goodwill for you and your employees in the community. 

We sponsored a youth hockey team & everyone had a ton of fun. Side benefit: there’s no better feeling hearing a fan scream “Let’s go Inspire!”.

Moreover, the consumers love to do business with a company that is investing in the local community. Boost in employee morale and sales at the same time? It is a win-win!

Get Standing Desks to Help Office Wellness

Most of us know the dangers and risks of obesity, but did you know that having a sedentary lifestyle is as dangerous as obesity? We know that it is hard to pry yourself off the computer when you are rushing to meet deadlines, but nothing is more important than your physical health.

A great way of getting your team on its feet is by replacing regular desks with standing ones. Standing desks will play an important role in creating an active work environment that will help your workers get in good shape!

Get Outdoors As Much as Possible

Company picnics, group outings, yoga classes, sports events, etc. are essential to employee well-being. You can choose any sports for your employees to play. Moreover, you can even create a company sports team and participate in various sporting events.

You can create a health club or hold an outdoor wellness workshop to increase awareness regarding healthier choices and healthier options. This will not only boost the employees’ morale but will also help them stay fit and healthy!

Keep Your Team Hydrated

We spend a lot of time at work. When are moving from one formal meeting to another or sitting at our computers, our health isn’t always our main priority. It is very easy to not drink enough water because we are too busy working on an important report & can’t get up to grab a glass of water. 

It is important that you provide your employees with water bottles at regular intervals. Moreover, you can also create water stations all over the office instead of having only one water cooler in the traditional office kitchen.

Bring the Outdoors in with Desk Plants

Who doesn’t love a dash of greenery to brighten and enliven a space? Stuffy, recycled air in the offices makes the employees sluggish and tired.

Why not make your office a healthy place by keeping plenty of indoor plants that will rejuvenate the atmosphere?

Greenery and plants help in relieving stress and make us more active. Green spaces have a positive impact on workers’ performance and have various benefits, from boosting job satisfaction to lowering blood pressure and improving employee health. 

It doesn’t have to a full-blown garden—even a couple of potted plants at the desks and in the corners would do just fine!

Why You Need Office Wellness Programs

Employees play a major role in making your company a success. As a responsible employer, it is your duty to give back to your workers and create a healthy, nourishing office environment. By creating a culture of wellness, you will drive results with the help of an engaged workforce. 

Moreover, employee wellness programs impact the bottom line directly. From reducing absenteeism to increasing employee engagement, there are multiple benefits of workplace wellness programs. 

Go through the office wellness ideas that we have discussed above and choose the ones that suit your needs!