Promotional Products Idea Guild April 2019

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Throughout this long Chicago winter, I’ve been echoing the great Dean Martin remark: “Oh, If I could live April again; If only I could live April again.” And finally—we are here! You can live vicariously through me as I skip around the office in excitement (somebody has to do it). In the spirit of spring, I’ve added a golf ball set with some classic promotional products staples, as well as a new privacy product that will bring a lot of value.

Let me know if we can help with anything!

Privacy Mic Block

When it comes to computer security, it’s hard to stay ahead of the hackers who are trying to gain access to your computer—especially with that Norton’s Anti-Virus you haven’t updated in three years.

The easiest way to stop hackers from listening in on you through your computer’s microphone is the Mic Block.

Compatible with all computers, laptops, & tablets with a 3.5mm mic, this simple, inexpensive fix gives your brand nice visibility while giving your employees or customers peace of mind.

2 Ball Tall Tube With Wilson Ultra Golf Balls

There you are, getting ready for Summer & feeling the excitement of warmer weather, but then it hits you: you need to order golf promotional products for an event.

Nearly immediately, a cold sweat races down your brow—you don’t have time to source a quality product within your budget.

Look no further than this golf tube kit.

With two Wilson Ultra golf balls, & 12 colored tees, this simple little tube has some serious bang for the buck.

Steel Enamel Mug

Every morning you walk through your work’s kitchen & the sink is full of Tweety Bird & Snoopy coffee mugs.

Let me break this down for you: those are not mugs; they are


Give your employees & customers a stylish speckled enamel mug with a steel rim for true drinking pleasure.

Side benefit: you can smash that Snoopy mug back into the 90’s where it belongs.

Ageless Laptop Messenger Bag

You need your employees to bring their A-game each & every day, and look the part.

They dress great & are rockstars in the boardroom, but every day they arrive with a bag that’s a half-step away from a Hello Kitty backpack.

This Ageless Laptop Messenger Bag injects some serious distinction to your brand, while giving your employees the prestige and class they deserve.

The Angolan leather with detachable straps allow for a premium, versatile bag that your employees will love.