Examples of Irresistible Value-Added Alcohol Packaging

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Free goods are by far one of the most convincing sales strategies you can engage with. Giving samples of a line of product to potential and current customers is proven to boost your sales and guarantee a solid ROI. 

However, you can’t give freebies of all types of products. Additionally, you need to know where your clients hang out in order to have a real effect on your sales.

Alcohol is a clear example of a product you are allowed to offer a taste but only in specific stores and to people with a determined age. Furthermore, samples of alcoholic beverages are not common at all in days other than Friday or Saturday.

Having said that, there is an easier way for you to attract customers without getting into too much trouble researching the exact store to find your target client. Adding value to the package of the alcohol bottle allows you to market the product in plenty of stores. It also enables you to target a wider audience and improve brand perception.

A nice bottle of quality alcohol is perfect for someone who truly knows how to taste it. But what about the great majority of customers who are casual drinkers? Or those who barely drink but constantly hold gatherings? With a nice alcohol packing with extra products in it, you can get them all to buy. 

Tic-Tac Tequila

Tequila is usually drunk by young people, and many of them play drinking games. This package is great because it fits any bottle size, it is fun, affordable and easy to manufacture.

Newton Vineyard 

The package presentation is a great birthday present for married and single people. Delicate and elegant – this is the type of holder many imagine having when arranging meetings. If you want to make it extra irresistible, you can add a wine jar to the package. 

Aquilequa Wine Storage

Wine storage usually takes a lot of space—except when it folds to be a more practical size usable in any environment. This package by Aquilequa doubles as a versatile wine rack that looks great on a counter.

Leather box with all the toys

For customers looking to give an outstanding gift this wine leather box is a winner. Enough space for two bottles of nice wine, reusable for other bottles and come with all the pieces necessary for knowledgeable and affectionate drinkers.

Khortytsa Vodka 

This is a great example of a gift pack from one of the most popular vodkas in the world, Khortytsa Vodka. The wheat and corn-made beverage are not only cutting edge on technology for production, but also continuously offer their bottle in a package with extra benefits. You can find a classic presentation box with a couple of glasses.

A cute hiding spot

Sometimes it may be necessary for some customers to keep alcohol out of sight. The barrel here cleverly hides the rum bottle with a unique and elegant presentation.

Six-pack on the go

The designers hit it out of the ballpark with this presentation – they technically would save cost on the “free gift” as the packaging is what makes the offer so attractive. The rustic, durable and practical wooden beer container is clearly a game-changer for the dull and disposable cardboard.