Promo Ideas for August

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Well, it’s happened. Summer has gone from mild & enjoyable to steamy & uncomfortable. 

Hopefully you’re staying out of the insta-sweat heat, but in the meantime, we’ve featured some promo ideas that’ll get you, your clients, or your team ready for some outdoor time in September & October.


Lounging Beach Chair

Relax and enjoy your day at the beach or pool in this portable promo lounging beach chair.

Foam padding and an adjustable back rest make lounging at the beach more comfortable than ever. A zippered compartment on the back keeps your things out of the sand and easy to access.


Fruiton BPA Free Infuser Bottle

Infuse some flavor into your beverage with the removable fruit infuser. Lid has 360 drinking capability.

Shatter, stain and odor resistant durable Eastman Tritan™ material. BPA free. 25oz.

Slazenger™ Pilot Sunglasses

Timeless Aviator style sunglasses from Slazenger™ offer high quality construction and rugged good looks.

The hard case will ensure these sunglasses stay safe and last you a long time. Comes with soft cleaning cloth with Slazenger™ print.


Stow n Go Picnic Blanket

Ultra compact and water resistant, this blanket is ready for the outdoors.

Perfect for picnics, concerts, sporting events or even to the beach, this is the ultimate go anywhere blanket.

The 44” X 55” nylon blanket folds down to a compact 4” X 6” and stows neatly into the attached polyester pouch.

Here’s another awesome travel picnic blanket.