7 Trade Show Display Ideas to Attract a Ton More Customers + Bonus Tips

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Did you just book a booth for your company at a trade show? Excited about the networking trade show event but don’t know how to create a beautiful trade show display to attract a ton more potential customers? Don’t worry – we got your back!

In this article, we have put together a list of 7 visually and aesthetically appealing trade show booth ideas that will bring a lot of positive attention to your company. Not to mention, we also included 7 bonus tips to maximize your trade show booth’s potential!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Sleep Number

This sleek display is both eye-catching and appealing. The soothing blue and white tones mixed with the canopy make for a stellar trade show booth. Sleep Number also included LED displays behind their products to give attendees a better understanding of the features of each one.

Hubert’s Lemonade

WOW. Anyone that walks up to this booth will have a smile on their face: the bright, vivid colors stand out among the rest and clearly communicates their product. Not to mention, Hubert’s Lemonade also included a green wall which contrasts with the pops of yellow.


Applegate sure got their message across. Attendees will want to check out the quirky features of this booth – the barn, the cow, and the drawings to name a few.

They also successfully implemented Tip #3 (see below!) into it – this display is one people will capture and remember for a long time.


Although bright, the Swell booth is somewhat soothing to those that walk into it. The variety of water bottles give attendees a wide range of options to choose from.

They also have fun pictures framed on the side that people will want to check out.


There is so much to look at in this booth: the hanging dividers, the digital screens, the bright colors, the list goes on! ATP incorporated the use of vivid colors to attract attendees into coming to their booth.


Simple, but stunning. The wood accents mixed with the matte black create a somewhat minimalistic design that draws the eye.


Polaroid truly incorporated their products into almost every part of their trade show booth! This display used Tip #6 – Capitalize on Trends – to their advantage as who doesn’t love an old-fashioned Polaroid?

Want to make yours look this good?

Trade Show Display Ideas (BONUS TIPS!)

Tip #1: Design and Display a Photo-Worthy Backdrop

In the past, trade shows used a huge sea of dark-colored fabric backdrops and pale folding tables.

However, we live in a digital and ever-changing world now, and the more creative you are with your perfect trade show booth designs, the more popular you will be as an exhibitor on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Boring trade show exhibits certainly don’t attract visitors and they definitely don’t help with sales. Why not foster engagement between your booth and visitors by hanging a photo-worthy Instagrammable backdrop? 

Go with a color-blocked, bright, and fun geometric pattern and feature your company’s logo in it. 

Tip #2: Go Monochrome


We, humans, are fascinated by colors and absolutely love them. Using one vibrant color throughout your whole booth experience will give it a modern pop. It will create an immersive experience for the fun trade show attendees, and will get noticed for sure!

From flooring and shelving to wall hangings and creative displays, you should douse your entire booth in one vibrant hue for an immersive, surreal experience. This is a low-key classic trade show booth idea that is highly effective, particularly when it comes to outdoor displays.

Pick a color that goes with your product’s branding, tone, packaging, and will leave a mark on the minds of the customers.

Tip #3: Incorporate a Photo Op into your Trade Show Display


Who doesn’t love taking a picture of themselves with a great photo-op in place?

A photo-op is not only a unique and interactive experience for visitors, but is also a great share trigger, which will act as free trade show marketing for your company. The visitors will probably share pictures on their social media handles or with their family & friends, increasing your brand awareness. 

Whether you provide the visitors with a Polaroid printout or email them the photos, you can use this opportunity to increase the number of clients you have. You can set up a LinkedIn photoshoot so that the guests can get a professional headshot taken for their profile. 

Not only will the visitors line up at your booth all day long, but you will also be able to get their info to send them the photos!

Tip #4: Have a Living and Breathing Green Wall Behind You


What better way to liven up a simple trade fair booth than a living and breathing green wall? You can quickly transform the main wall of the booth into a vibrant collage of textures and colors with this effective idea.

Living walls are not only visually dynamic, but they are highly economical as well. You can combine the plants and flowers with your logo, creative lighting, black space, etc. to create a stunning display of brand imagery.

Tip #5: Make Your Product Front & Center

The main purpose and business objective of coming to a trade show is to exhibit your products and services on the trade show floor. You know that your product is the best, so make it front and center when it comes to your trade show booth. 

Clearly display your product everywhere in an eye-catching way using a retractable banner or beautiful curved displays. For instance, if you are an agriculture company, incorporate your product into the living wall display in such a way that the product does the marketing for itself on its own. 

As a customer, will you be more interested in a real, nice display, or some exact specifications of entire trade show display products in a brochure? Encourage your visitors to interact and browse, and they will eventually end up buying something.

Tip #6: Capitalize on Trends

Is there a new, hot trend in your industry? Why not capitalize on that? Pick a current hot trend in your industry and make it something visitors will go out of their way to see. You can use virtual reality to visualize the product and wow the visitors.

Interactive content doesn’t have to be very complex either. You can go with something as simple as a 360 video to showcase a project you just completed, your office building, your manufacturing plant, etc.

Instead of playing a boring video on a loop on digital screens, you could share your marketing videos through immersive virtual reality headsets. 

Tip #7: Sticky Note Wall

No one is going to remember a custom trade show display if it’s the same boring set-up. You can create a wall of sticky notes (literally!) where visitors can write down their favorite part of your product or booth and stick it on the wall.

You can ask them to write anything they want – you can ask them philosophical questions or to name their favorite TV shows and then use the sticky notes to decorate your booth.

Moreover, you can also use a portable photo printer and stick the photos of the patrons on the booth walls and create a living photo journal of the event!

Closing on Trade Show Display Ideas

At a trade show, there are going to be loads of businesses, each vying and competing for the customers’ attention. To make yours stick out, implement some of our ideas to make your companies trade show display one of the best.

We recommend that you should make your booth about more than just your brand. Do feature your logo & products, but make sure that your exhibition booth draws attention to itself through its unique and alluring display.

From portable displays and custom modular displays, there are so many ways in which you can up your trade show game. We hope that our trade show tips and booth design ideas will help you make a mark in the trade show industry!