QR Codes & How To Use Them in Your Company

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QR Codes are a great way of engaging an audience. With the rise of mobile phones, it is predicted that more will be scanning QR Codes than ever before. However, they lack an understanding of how they work or how they will benefit them. This blog will explain what they are, how they work, and how they can help you.

QR Code Basics

Don’t you find it annoying when you see an interesting-looking picture and there is no way to actually access what’s behind it? That’s where QR Codes come in handy. QR stands for the quick response and QR Codes are barcodes that you can use your smartphone to scan and see what’s behind the image. You can put them anywhere, but the best place to put it to attract the most attention is right on the side of your product!

This way, when people see it, they will be intrigued enough to scan it and check out your product. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness as well as get people to find more information about your company!

It was originally introduced by Toyota Motor Corporation. These codes were first created to help people scan their product barcodes quickly. However, since then, companies have found many other ways to use these codes to make advertising more efficient. In fact, there are now over 2 billion QR codes on the planet!

The QR Code itself is generated either online or offline. These types of codes are increasingly being used to market and brand businesses, but also to link to useful information such as product details, website information and to make online ordering easier.

Ways to Implement QR Codes

One way to implement QR codes is by using them on your website or blog. This way, when a customer visits your site, he/she will be able to scan the code with their mobile device and be directed to another page or link within your website that may contain more information about what they were looking at.

Another great application for QR codes is in direct mail campaigns. You could create a postcard that contains a QR code that links directly to your website on which the recipient can download additional content. If you do this right, you can drive traffic back to your website where you can convert those visitors into customers.

Using QR codes in social media is also a good idea. For example, Facebook now allows users to add custom URL shorteners to their posts. When someone clicks on one of these shortened URLs, it takes him/her to a webpage containing more information about the product or service being promoted.

How to Create Them

QR codes have been around for a long time and are still very popular today, but they are not going anywhere soon. They can be used as an effective marketing tool if you know how to use them properly. The future of QR codes will continue to grow with the development of new technology and applications. 

They are an extremely innovative way to market to people who are on the go, but also a fun way to engage people who are looking for a fun distraction. The uses of QR codes are nearly limitless, but they are best used in a fun and interactive way.

To get started, you will need to get a QR code reader app. The most popular is probably the RedLaser app, which can be found on iOS, Android and Blackberry. Once you have a QR code reader app, you can start your quest for the perfect QR code. Consider where you want to place your code. It is better to place your code in a highly visible area, such as a storefront, but you may also want to place it in a place with less visibility in order to create a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Once you have decided where you want to put your QR code, you can get to designing. You can use a basic QR code generator to create your QR code, but it may be more effective to create your QR codes using a QR code generator that allows you to design your code. This way, you can create a highly friendly and interactive code.


Do you think QR Codes are just another fad?

QR Codes can indeed be considered a fad, but it certainly isn’t a “new fad”. They were created in Japan back in 1994 and were introduced to the United States in 2005. So QR Codes have actually been around for quite some time. Maybe they have been underused and haven’t achieved the popularity they deserve in their early days. Now that the technology is catching up and the concept of “transaction-ready” has become a reality,

QR Codes are going to become popular in the near future. I agree that it is very hard to predict the future of these codes. But having said that, I don’t think QR Codes will constitute a fad, because they have so many practical uses that they are here to stay.

What products do you think would be the most beneficial for QR codes?

QR codes are particularly effective for two types of products – physical products and information products. The physical products should be in the form of a mobile phone accessory. For instance,  a phone case with a short description and a link for more information about the case is a good product to feature a QR code for.

Information products such as e-books, videos, and audio files are also a good fit. In such cases, the QR code leads to a page on your website with more information about the product, such as delivery details and purchase options.

How else can QR codes be used other than for marketing?

QR codes can be used in conferences, meetings, trade shows and more. They are great for networking. It is a great way to get your name out there and get people excited about your business. They are also a great way to market your business. You can put it on your business cards. You can also put it on your business website and blog.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about QR Codes. We know that it can be tough to keep up with all of the latest technological trends, but we think that it’s important to stay on top of them so that you can give your company a competitive advantage.