Point of Sale Promotional Displays

The point of sale promotional display provides companies with a fantastic way to increase their revenue without significantly adding to their overhead.


Your customers are already in “buying mode” when they reach the point of sale (POS). Take advantage of this moment with a point-of-sale display by showing off your products, services, and special offers at the exact moment when your market is ready to spend money.

Point of sale displays are designed so anyone can set them up with ease.

You won’t need to go through an entire book of directions, figure out complicated parts, or have an advanced degree in engineering. It’s literally just two simple pieces—that’s it!

This also means you don’t have to worry about leaving important components in the field and then paying for replacements, which might not come before your next marketing opportunity.

With Inspire point of sale promotional displays, you’ll have no problem putting them together or taking them apart again.

Simple Assembly Process

The days of vendors incorrectly assembling displays, struggling with them, or even giving up on them altogether are over.

We designed these devices so you can entrust anyone with their assembly and rest assured it will be done properly time and time again.

Living, Interactive Displays

One potential disadvantage to using sound and video in point of sale promotional displays is that they come with unnecessary operating expenses if they’re left to play on an endless loop. There may be no one around, yet it’s continually in operation without producing any results.

That’s why we outfit our displays with motion detection technology. They only play when they sense someone is near enough to enjoy the media.

This also works well for catching people’s attention. With an endless loop, the visuals and sound can merge with the rest of the environment, making it all-too-easy to ignore. It becomes white noise.

On the other hand, when sound and video suddenly appears, it’s human nature to give them some attention – even if only for a moment.

However, that can be more than enough time to sell someone on your company’s products or services.

Easy SKU Adjustments

Another drawback inherent in many forms of point of sale promotional displays is that they can be costly to update overtime.

While you always want to ensure your displays match the new products and services you’re offering, the price to do so can quickly pile up if you have to buy whole new machines every time.

At Inspire, we’ve made it incredibly simple and affordable to update our point of sale promotional displays. All you have to do is pull back the magnetized plastic and slide in your new display art.

Like we said before, these powerful marketing devices couldn’t be simpler, but they’re also incredibly affordable. Change your offerings as much as you like without spending money on new devices every time you do.

Just Power It Up

The same dedication to simplicity applies to the actual operation of our displays, as well. Here is the comprehensive list of instructions for powering one up:

Step 1: Plug it in

That’s it.

Whether you’re used to more complicated marketing devices or have never touched one before, it doesn’t matter.

Anyone can operate one of our point of sale promotional displays.

Now that you’re clear on why point of sale displays have become so popular in the years following that Nielsen study, let’s talk about how Inspire can help your company make the most of this tremendous marketing method.

Captivate Your Audience

Point of sale displays give you an important opportunity to draw attention away from your competitors. For one thing, you can use these displays as powerful forms of contrast.

Your competition may only show their product, but with a point-of-sale display, you can provide all kinds of other details that show an audience exactly how they’ll benefit by making a purchase.

For example, our point of sale displays can be outfitted with videos and sound, so they reach out to passersby who would otherwise never know about your products. Here’s another great video product. We’ll discuss this feature in more detail in just a moment.

3 Important Reasons to Have Displays

Before we explain what sets our point of sale promotional displays apart from the other options out there, let’s quickly look at three very good reasons you should be investing in this type of marketing for your company. These arguments are backed by Nielsen’s report on “Awareness and Effectiveness of Digital Display Screens Installed in Grocery Stores.”

Revolutionizing Display Technology

At Inspire, we pride ourselves on putting powerful marketing technology in our clients’ hands and ensuring they can use it without a lengthy implementation process.

Our point of sale promotional displays are no different. As you just discovered, this form of marketing is incredibly effective. With our devices, it’s also extremely accessible.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business receive the attention it deserves.

Digital Displays Increase Sales

The first and perhaps most important argument for point of sale promotional displays is that they boost sales.

80% of the companies Nielsen looked at reported additional sales after implementing these types of signs.

Some even received a 33% – 33%(!) increase in sales simply by using these displays. Could your company use that kind of boost?

Don’t Go Unnoticed

The whole point of a display is to make sure potential customers see it.

However, if you’re like most people who invest in marketing, you often worry that these investments are being ignored. According to Nielsen’s research, 74% of those they surveyed noticed point of sale monitors.

As you probably know, grabbing your market’s attention in this noisy world is half the battle.

Example of line-chart Customers Have an Easier Time Recalling Messages from These Displays

Another huge benefit of using point of sale displays is that people have an easier time remembering the messages they deliver. So even if someone doesn’t purchase your product at that very moment, your company has a better chance of receiving the sale later through increased awareness.

Once again, the difference these displays make wasn’t a small one. Unprompted, recall rates were as high as 14%. When prompted, that number could reach as high as 31%.

Imagine how much your company would benefit from that kind of brand awareness.