Video Brochure

A video brochure is a physical piece (often folded) that combines audio, video, and print.

Tubular Insights reports 80% of the world’s Internet traffic is predicted to be made up of video content.

The reason for that is due to the engagement and entertainment of video as a platform.

The key to video brochures is that they connect with customers or prospects on their own time.

There isn’t a disruptive call or email to carry your message—they can consume your content at their own pace.

With the tangibility of traditional print & the entertainment factor of digital media, your consumer enjoys a truly interactive experience with your brand.


How It Works

Open the video brochure, and your video starts. It’s that simple.

We make our video brochures totally customizable.

Not fond of the automatic start? We can create your brochure to start by pressing a button.

Want the brochure’s shape to fit within your brand? You can have a video brochure that has a totally customizable shape.

Don’t have an art department, or if you do, are they too busy? We have designers on staff to help you out.

We even offer the pinnacle of printing customization: variable data printing!


Video: The Best of Digital Engagement

Video has emerged as the holy grail of engagement in the past ten years, and for a very simple reason: video drives results.

Video messages help connect with people in a unique way.

Want a unique way of onboarding a client? You can create videos that can describe your product in-depth, introduce your team, or even a highly personalized message.

Video brochures can hold videos from 30 seconds to eight hours. Talk about engagement!

Video screens can be small enough to fit within a business card to bigger than a phone screen.

With video, your message can be heard and seen by your clients, when they want to consume it. 


The Power of Print

As the world has become one of screens, the importance of something your clients can pick up, touch, and feel is larger than ever.

A marketing campaign works best when print is integrated with digital marketing assets. In fact, there’s tons of research that shows how print can have a huge effect in this regard.

The reasons behind this are numerous:

  • Print isn’t intrusive. Your customers can enjoy print at their own leisure.
  • Printed material appeals to the senses. A study on sensory branding states that brands that appeal to multiple senses are more successful than one or two.

With a video brochure, you’re appealing to the senses of touch, sight, hearing, even the scent of the paper—as opposed to sight & hearing exclusively.


Fully Customize Your Video Brochure

Print and other collateral can live within a video brochure, making it a one-stop-shop for your entire brand.

Think business cards, flyers—anything that you want to print or already have printed can be inserted or adhered to your video brochure.


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