Pop-By Ideas to Generate Referrals & New Business

If there is anything more exciting than getting a gift is getting a surprise gift with a clever message included – that’s why pop-by are thrilling. Pop-by ideas don’t need to overrun creativity or fanciness, with making sure they are appropriate and fun you will get positive results.

As a rule of thumb, a $6 present may be too expensive to give to all your business partners. Yet, for referral sources with a long history working with you, investing a bit more on their gifts may be an excellent way to show them of how valuable they are for your business.

Then, the perfect pop-by idea depends on how much you have been working with that referral source. If you are looking to land new bussiness you may want to have some information about the industry or personal life of the person you want to partner with to make the best out of the gift.



We’ve mocked up these items with a generic logo.

We’ll use your logo or custom artwork (or we can help with that for free) if you are interested in any of the products below.


Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack

Messaging Idea: “If I Can Give You a Hand, Please Call.”

Give your homeowners the tools to be prepared with the hand sanitizer 2-pack.

They’ll be sure to remember you with one hand sanitizer to keep at home or the office and the other for on-the-go.


Wine Tote + Wine

Keep your homeowners looking cool with the Avalon Insulated Wine Bag. A great promo product for wino’s, this insulated wine cooler is made of polyester with a leatherette handle and bottom.

It even folds over to display the celebratory bottle of wine.


Popcorn & Popcorn Seasoning

Messaging Idea: "Just Popping By"

There are some presents that are ideal to get new leads from referral sources that you still haven’t engaged completely with.

Microwave popcorn is great gift for them to carry home and share with their family.


Sweet Treat To Go Gift Set

A purposeful gift for any homeowner for any occasion

This gift set includes delicious salted rosemary shortbread cookies, the versatile RuMe BFold tote and a reusable drawstring gift bag.


Single Use PPE Kit

The perfect pouch to store your homeowner’s essentials on the go. The RuMe(R) Reveal Quart is paired with five Single Use Face Masks, so they can stay prepared while on the go. Kit contains: One RuMe(R) Reveal Quart, Five Single Use Face Masks. The single use mask is not medical grade or a direct substitute for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment. 


Professional Sports Schedule Magnets

Help your homeowners keep track of their favorite sports team by giving them this professional sports schedule magnet. They would surely remember you every time their team is playing.


Household Essentials Kit

A thoughtful gift for any homeowner. The kit includes a first aid kit, a tape measure, a small saw and a utility screw driver.


Cleanse & Soothe Gift Set

Messaging Idea: “We Can Promise Your Referrals A CLEAN Transaction!”

Get your homeowners to relax with this gift set. They’d be sure to remember you if the have business in the future!


Kitchen Essentials Kit

A handy pop-by to give a homeowner. Have them remember you every time they cook/bake with this kitchen essentials kit.


House Warming Kit

A great pop-by to give a new homeowner. Give them this house warming kit which includes an apron, a set of kitchen towels, a hand towel, and a note to welcome them to their new house.



Messaging Idea: I've Got You Covered

A great way to encourage memories to be created whether with the family on the park or a romantic date night. Your homeowners would surely appreciate you for this gift.


Folding Umbrella

Messaging Idea: Never a rainy day in this market

A great gift for any homeowner during a rainy day. This is a budget friendly umbrella with automatic open (manual close), 8 panel pongee canopy and 42″ arc coverage. It features a black polypropylene plastic handle with 5.5″ L polyester wrist strap. 


3-in-1 Calculator/Picture Frame/Digital Clock

Messaging Idea: “I Always Have Time for Your Referrals!”

A 3-in-1 calculator, picture frame, and LCD digital clock. Back side includes metallic silver full-size desk calculator with raised black plastic buttons and 12-digit LCD digital display. Front side features 3 1/2″x5″; photo frame with protective glass insert and LCD digital clock. A versatile gift for any homeowner that would make them remember you every time they need to know the time.


Ice Cream Scoop

Messaging Idea: “Call us for the SCOOP On the Current Real Estate Market.”

An ice cream scoop is sturdier than just about any other utensil in your homeowners kitchen. Make having a cold treat as comfortable as it can be for them and they will surely remember you when they have some business available.


Camera Covers

The Oracle provides privacy and security for your homeowners mobile devices. It is ultra-thin to fit most closed laptops and tablets and easily attachable with adhesive backing. Made of ABS plastic. Complies with Prop


Multi USB Charging Cable

Messaging Idea: “We Keep You PLUGGED IN to the Local Real Estate Market!”

The Boundary Natural Bamboo 3-in-1 Charging Cable features a USB A tip, a micro tip, a USB Type C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices with a 2A current. A great gift for any techy homeowner


Cheese Grater

Messaging Idea: “Always Grateful For Your Referrals”

A great kitchen tool for any homeowner, a generously-sized cheese grater with ABS and stainless steel construction. Hand wash


Bottle Opener

Messaging Idea: “There’s Always an Opening in My Schedule for Your Referrals”

Help your homeowners celebrate their house warming party with this bottle opener. You might even open up new opportunities for you business.


Trunk Organizer

A thoughtful gift for any homeowner who loves to travel a 80GSM non-woven fabric, Expandable trunk organizer features two sections, Side pocket and reinforced handles, Collapsible for easy storage.


Wine Opener and Pourer Set

Let your homeowners enjoy their favorite bottle of wine with this Belgio 2-Piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble. Its presentable case makes it a great welcome giveaway. Personalize with your business name and keep your brand remembered.


Looking Forward to Growing Together

Succulents are a small, cheap plant, and serve as a demonstration of gratitude for referral sources & their important role on growing your business.


Fridge Writing Tablet

The 8.5″ Scribe LCD Writing Tablet is a unique reusable and paperless electronic memo board that’s a perfect note taker, sketch pad & more for your homeowner! 


Compact Ceramic Knife & Peeler Duo

Messaging Idea: “Helping My Clients Cut Through Their Real Estate Transaction’s Red Tape.”

This versatile kitchen tool is a must need for your homeowner, feature a knife and peeler.

Remove screw-on sleeve from one end to expose knife, Remove screw-on sleeve from opposite end to expose peeler, 


Pie Server

Thinking of giving something to your homeowner? Why not try this pie server? Not only would they remember you when they have business you might even get additional ones with their friends.


Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Messaging Idea: “We Always Get Our Clients Sweet Deals!”

Mixed glass and bamboo materials make for a stylish drink bottle for your homeowner. Glass bottle provides a purer drinking experience. Extra-thick borosilicate glass is clean tasting and odor-free. Double wall insulation allows for hot liquids to be used and remain safe to touch. Insulation also keeps cold beverages colder longer and is sweatproof. Your homeowners can make their favorite loose-leaf tea or fruit and herb infused water with the stainless steel infuser basket. 


Swiss Army Knife

Messaging Idea: “We Have Every Tool You Need to Beat the Market!”

Luminous LED lights on each end provide the optimal level of vision and detail needed while your homeowner is working, 6-piece, multi-sized screwdriver set gives them an endless supply of help while they work, durable ABS plastic, powered by 3, LR44 button batteries, insert.


Bamboo Coaster Set

This five piece coaster set includes four bamboo coasters with a bamboo caddy to easily store the coasters. Also features a prominently displayed logo that would make your homeowners remember you.


We Value Every Mo-Mint Working Together

Messaging Idea: "We are mint to work together"

Thinking of getting a fresh pop-by for your homeowners to remind them of your business?. Why not  get them a minty flavored dessert or a bunch of candies?


Pop-By Ideas to Generate Referrals & New Business

So Why Use Pop-Bys?

The real estate market is crowded & competitive. Every loan officer, realtor, or insurance agent is competing with each other and wants to stand apart in the crowd.

Pop-Bys are a great way for you to put your best foot ahead & build the relationships that will result in your ultimate goal: referrals.

Which idea you are going to opt for your pop-bys?