Promotional Candy

Everyone’s got a sweet tooth so what’s better than getting candy as a gift? Getting personalized candy! Now I know you may be wondering, personalized candy? Those M&M’s that have initials or little messages on them. Sure! That qualifies, however this page is talking about promotional candy that is given with a personalized aspect.

Gifts given at weddings, baby showers, graduations, retirement parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events. The events are endless, mainly because personalized candy is such a memorable and enjoyable gift! Businesses and Brands alike are constantly striving to come up with unique gifts that fit different demographics.

This can be a difficult challenge as every age demographic is different, the key is making sure the personalized candy pertains to that specific demographic.

Are you trying to keep prices down? Don’t worry gifting personalized candy can be a super affordable and cheap way to give something memorable and delicious!

There are so many creative ways to make things personalized, look on any Pinterest page to see an endless list of ideas and pictures.

Giving away candy is also the perfect branding opportunity. Candy can be packaged and branded with a multitude of personalized messages and logos.

Certain candies will pertain better to different demographics. For example, everyone loves chocolate, however gifting plain milk chocolate to kids ten and under would work better than gifting a dark chocolate bar filled with nuts to kids. That type of chocolate would work much better for an older demographic.

When creating gifts, it is important to keep in mind the audience you’re trying to reach with your promotional candy gift. Each demographic will feature a key candy that is a sure winner for that specific age group.

1. Kids 10 & Under – Suckers

Now this demographic should be fairly easy to cover. What don’t kids like? If anything, candy is definitely not included on the list of things they don’t like.

Birthday parties and classroom parties can be the perfect opportunity to shower kids with personalized candy. The promotional candy this demographic will be focusing on is Suckers! Also known as lollipops, this classic giveaway gift is lighthearted and budget-friendly

Personalized suckers can convey a message on the sticks, wrapper or on the head of the lollipop. These create an effective yet strong promotional tool. Available in different shapes, sizes, and flavors these candies make an amazing giveaway for any promotional event. They are available in a wide assortment of varieties, ranging from flavored lollipops, blow pops, to dum dum and more.

Choose from the desired variety that seems apt for your brand promotions.  This promotional candy can make an amazing cost-effective and fun promotion for your product, service or business. Not only for business promotions, but these also make an excellent choice for children birthday party, baby shower and many other events associated with children.

The custom lollipop suckers are the perfect giveaways choice for those with a limited budget. Promotional suckers is an effective marketing tool for safety, health, and sorts of awareness events. Suckers can be creatively gifted, try wrapping the suckers together to create a shape. Or try making a colorful basket full of lollipops. Suckers are a great and versatile candy to use for younger demographics.

2. What Do I Get a PreTeen? – Chewing Gum

Stuck in class all day? The one thing teens say over and over again to one another is, ‘does anyone have any gum’? Chewing gum is a school essential that most parents don’t think of.

But in middle schools and high schools alike chewing gum translates to currency. In terms of using chewing gum in a professional setting, if you’re looking to grab a preteen’s attention, chewing gum is the way to go.

You can pick from full-color custom label gum packs, wrapped gumballs and more. These make an effective choice and a great fit for corporate and hospitality industries as well.

Gum can be a super creative gift. You can print your company name and logo on the packet of chewing gum. It is an inexpensive and small gift that can easily be placed in the coat pockets and purses of your customers. When your target audience unwraps it, they will see the printed logo and talk about your brand.

The chewing gums come in packets and boxes, so you can get even more created and have them imprinted as well.  This promotional candy provides a great way to expose your logo and brand name with a useful and fresh product.

Also, these make a great impression at events as well as in-house events. You can distribute the gum anywhere and anytime to make an impact on your demographic. Pick flavors like Bubbalicious and Spearmint that are ready for customization.

3. Moving On Up to Teenagers – Chocolate Bars

Teenagers can get a bit tricky. They’re at that point in their lives where they don’t want to acknowledge anything that they liked as kids. Well almost anything, all teenagers will say yes to a chocolate bar. When talking about sweets, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is chocolate bars and candies.

Everyone loves receiving free chocolate, even teens. In terms of branding you can make them unique by customizing chocolate bar with your brand name or logo.

Give them away in a giveaway and it will create a good impression because this sweet is loved by people of all ages.

Gift options with chocolate can be quite a personalized endeavor. Some people like to give away boxes of chocolate that are personalized with flavor and text. You can get a wide assortment of chocolates like dark chocolates, milk chocolates, gift boxes, etc.

It is scientifically proven that chocolate can make everyone happy. Pacify those ranging teen hormones with chocolate. Pass out customized chocolate with your brand name or logo on the box and see how it showcases your brand.

Whether you love the flavor of chocolates or the crunchy taste of nuts, you can customize these and make them into the perfect promotional candy. Customized chocolates create lasting impression in the minds of your customers and clients.

Teenagers can be hard to manage sometimes. It can be even harder to get them to pay attention so capture their attention with a promotional chocolate bar they won’t forget.

4. Not an Adult But Not a Teen – Jelly Beans

Young Adults capture the college aged kids. College can be a hard because students are constantly studying or out living their lives to the fullest. This demographic will do the strangest things to stay awake, resorting to caffeine and sugar highs. Why not contribute with another great alternative to sweet promotional candy which is of course Jellybeans.

These promotional candies will always impress clients, customers, employees, and young adults. Jellybeans make an excellent promotional candy product and are available in many flavors. Whether you are looking for a great corporate gift or for giveaways in trade shows, these are indeed one of the best options out there. Just put your logo, brand name and starting passing out this sweet treat.

Often, colleges will allow businesses to come in for presentations and events. Make sure the college students remember you with free candy! A surefire way to make students interested in what you have to say.

You can choose from Jelly Belly gift boxes to custom printed jelly beans with your logo to please your prospects and clients. These are available in more than 40 flavors and you can easily get a variety of novelty containers that fit your budget as well as the target audience.

The promotional jelly bean holders and dispensers can be printed with a colorful logo or your brand name. Choose your desired size of containers and custom print them. Jellybeans makes an amazing option if you are looking for giveaways for tradeshows or any other event.

As a gift Jellybeans can be fun to customize because of the amplitude of flavors available. Young Adults would definitely have a great time choosing flavors and messing with their friends.

5. Adults in Their 20s – Mints

Fresh out of college, adults in their twenties say they are ready for anything. The perfect way to entice and attract their attention is with mints. Now, mints may sound boring but think about it, they’re the perfect thing that a twenty year old interviewing for jobs will need.

Mints are the perfect way to freshen up anyone’s day. They may not be not as popular as chocolates but they are still adored by many people. If you own a restaurant or resort, then these mint candies will absolutely be the right promotional product to be used as a giveaway.

Mint candies are indeed one of the best investments for businesses that can boost up any marketing efforts. In order to promote your brand and use mint as giveaways, you can choose imprinted mint tins, custom printed breath mints and other mint related promotional items. Pick from full-color printing for your custom printed message on the mint tin and packages.

Custom mints are the staple of marketing expos, product launches, large-scale events and business launches. The perfect place for twenty year old to be. Just launching into a new job these fresh faced adults will be pleased to find mints at your event or booth. Mints are quite popular because they are an inexpensive promotional candy that help perk up tradeshow attendees and conference participants alike.

Because of their versatility, you can add a logo to the packaging or larger peppermints. You will get packaging in a wide range of plastic cards, paper rolls, bags etc. Just brand each package with your logo or name and make it an effective promotional product.

6. Moving into The 30-50-Year-Old Range – Candy Bars

This demographic of adults can be a bit tricky with candy. Typically at this age most people are trying to diet or cut candy out of their systems altogether. However, most adults still tend to consume dessert or candy in gift form. Take corporate gifts or holiday gifts, candy and popcorn get tossed around constantly. Candy Bars are the perfect promotional candy for this demographic because of how traditional they are.

These sweet bars are the right choice to satisfy the sweet tooth of your potential customers and clients. If you are looking for the variety of unique sweets to treat your favorite customers then these are the right and affordable options to go with. Whether you are looking for tradeshow giveaways or party favors, these personalized candies are a yummy ways to promote your brand.

For a fun advertising opportunity, this is the right sweet promotional candy to go with. Whether it is a trade show, baby shower or any other event, candy bars are not only tempting but can persuade your customers, guests and potential clients. These are also a great giveaway at any sports event. You can buy it in bulk and save money.

Gifting candy bars is a great way to start conversation. Ask what people’s favorite candy bar is and if it’s changed since they were a child. Promotional candy is a great way to get the conversation rolling.

You can choose from different sorts of candy bars stamped with your custom message and logo. You can distribute these custom candy bars and forge a relationship with your employees and customers while promoting your business mission or promoting your company.

Candy bars are proven ways to promote your business or brand. It can persuade your employees and clients at special occasions like Christmas, annual day, Easter and more. Custom wrapped candy bars with the company logo is what customers will remember.

7. Finally Retirement! – Hard Candies

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t resist having a piece of hard candy. Right? Same is the case with many candy lovers who are connected to you. When looking for the sweetest promotional item, no one can resist hard candies. This is one of the most preferred candies out there that many businesses use for promoting their brand.

Whenever you visit an older relative they always have candies and little goodies available for you to munch on. Hard Candies are the perfect option for the retired demographic. Available in a plethora of flavors and packages you can customize these candies by molding the logo or can use your logo or brand name in its packaging.

Of course hard candies are preferred by people of all ages. However, retired folks love to keep this promotional candy on hand! As these candies are hard, they stay in the mouth for a long time, so it is important to choose the right flavor and quality when looking for a promotional use. These are affordable giveaways that you can share with as many as people you want.

These imprinted hard candies will provide a great exposure to your brand and also a great addition to your promotional campaign. Even if you don’t want anything to be engraved on the candies then you can also get its wrapper customized with the logo or your brand name. It helps you to convey your message that suits any occasion well.

Personalized Candy that Will Fit Your Demographic

Regardless what sort of promotional campaign you’re running, these promotional candies make an amazing giveaway that can persuade everyone. If you are looking for unique promotional candies, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

You can choose from chocolate bars, jelly beans or mints to use as the most effective promotional item. Get a wide assortment of packaging’s to pick from. Based on your needs or budget, you can choose the right sweets for your next events and persuade everyone along with spreading your brand message.