4 Top Leadership Skills You Need to Possess to Become a Great Leader

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Some individuals are born to be a leader like Nelson Mandela, but almost everyone else becomes a great leader by working on their leadership skills.

If you were not born as a leader, don’t worry—you can always instill leadership skills no matter at which stage of life you are.

So what makes a great leader and which skills should you work on to become one?

1. The Ability to Empower

A leader is someone who uplifts people.

Empowerment doesn’t necessarily come from monetary compensation. Sure, that’s one motivator, but true empowerment comes from believing in people.

A leader is someone who believes in people when they fail to believe in themselves.

2. Communication Skills

Leadership is all about people.

Take care of people and they will take care of business for you.

You cannot gauge into people’s mind and know what inspires and what drives them unless you have good communication skills.

You don’t need to be an excellent talker, but rather the ability to listen to others, understand their pain points, and then provide a remedy is more than enough.

3. Levelheadedness

Anyone can remain calm when things are favorable.

The real strength of a leader comes from staying strong and the ability to turn things around when the odds are against them.

A leader is supposed to be a problem-solver. In times of crisis, the leader is supposed to keep people in uplifted spirits.

A good leader knows how to remain strong-headed and confident even in the worst of situations.

To develop this skill, test your state of mind in minor situations. Learn to look at the bright side (even in the most hopeless situations), and with time, staying calm and composed will become deeply ingrained in your DNA.

4. The Ability to Delegate

The job of a leader is to get things done; not to do everything by themselves.

More often than not, leaders make the mistake of trying to do everything on their own and in the process end up achieving a fraction of the goal.

A true leader is one who recognizes and acknowledges people’s strengths, and trusts them with a job instead of struggling with too many tasks.

Delegating tasks is a sign of strength and the fact that you trust in people. The more you trust people the more they would trust you back.


Do some introspection and ask yourself: how many of these skills do you possess?

If you don’t, it’s never too late to work on yourself.