5 Things All Realtors Need To Know About Direct Mail Marketing

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Are you a realtor looking for seller leads? With the help of direct mail marketing, you can capture the attention of your target audience. Real estate direct mail marketing is a very simple, yet effective marketing tool that not only helps the investors generate leads but also converts them into new clients.

Even if a direct mail campaign doesn’t help you land new customers, it will get your name out there. Let’s see how you can harness the power of direct mail marketing and reap the benefits of the amazing marketing strategy!

Tip #1: Don’t Wing It

We live in a fast-paced world where products are available to us at a single click of the mouse. The million-dollar question is: how to stand out in such a competitive market?

With the help of creative, unique, and personalized marketing.

With a solid direct marketing strategy, you can reach new growth levels and break new frontiers. Instead of trying to ‘wing it’, work hard to find interesting and exciting marketing channels to connect with your potential clients. 

Houses and property mean a lot to people. When they are buying a house, they are searching for a place they can call home. As a real estate agent, it is your job to make them feel that you understand their needs and will deliver what they want.

Direct mailers are interactive, tangible, and personal. We can’t say the same about all other kinds of marketing strategies and that’s the power of direct mailers when it comes to real estate investing strategies. The hit-and-trial method may work someplace else, but will certainly not work in the world of real estate.

From the color of your direct mailer to its design, lettering, and font, you have to make sure everything is perfect. If you are unsure about something, test it on a control group and if you receive a positive response, you can take it from there.

You must be thinking how one tiny change in the design has a momentous effect. However, it is not about the design change – it is about the difference it will make in your conversion rates and that will certainly have an effect on your bottom line. 

Tip #2: Make Your Packaging/ Design the Star of the Show

Nothing tops the feeling of holding something personalized in your hand, with an alluring, creative packaging.

Ask any avid book reader and they would say that they love the feel of a book in their hands more than the convenience of an e-book. The same goes for direct real estate mailers. You have already caught the attention of the potential sellers by going with direct mail marketing pieces – now it is your job to leave a lasting imprint on them.

All your effort will go in vain if the direct mail isn’t even looked at. Therefore, you have to create an eye-catching, appealing, and attractive package so that you will have the people hooked even before they open it.

Even if it is just a simple postcard, the design of the cards themselves should make the receiver want to open it. Streamline the design process and incorporate changes as per the customer responses. 

Tip #3: Make It Unique & Authentic

We all get a lot of junk mail every day that is thrown is in the garbage without a second glance. If your direct mailer isn’t enticing and alluring, it will end up in the trash can as well. 

Direct mail advertising is one of those few marketing tactics that engage all the senses of the receiver. A custom template for your direct mailer improves your chances of generating potential leads as compared to a generalized email marketing template. 

With direct mail, you have a lot of room to show your creativity. You can play around with direct mail designs, colors, fonts.

Who doesn’t like to feel special?

Take a personalized and individualized approach with your direct mail pieces. Small touches – a handwritten note, adding the recipient’s name, etc. – will make the people feel understood and acknowledged.

Break down the target prospects into smaller groups and then tailor your services according to the needs of each group. For instance, if you are trying to sell or rent studio apartments, you will do better if you send mail to college dorms instead of suburban areas with large family homes.

It is better that you learn your perfect audience first, and then customize accordingly.

Create a list of leads and send them handwritten letters, or create exclusive email content for them. Once you know your audience, let the creative juices flow and turn the heat up with a flawless creative design. 

Add colorful images, enticing CTAs that will hook your audience. Put yourself in the shoes of your target customer and then see how you will react if you received it.

Tip #4: Go Local With Direct Mail Marketing

Go local – this is the best tip anyone can give you when it comes to real estate investing tips. People want to know whether you have helped other families in the community sell or buy their perfect homes.

If you add geographic information to your marketing brochures, you will quickly grab the recipient’s attention. For instance, if you are advertising a particular condo unit, add actual pictures from that place and the views it provides, instead of adding stock, impersonal images.

This is very important in real estate as people want to work with agents who know the locality, are familiar with the town, the streets, the zip codes, etc. Show the prospects that you are an expert who knows what they are doing, and see how the direct mail response rate increases. 

You should have property lists with all the rental properties available in the current market, along with the regular prices of each property. Keep an eye on the public record to have the latest information on your hands.

Tip #5: Build Long-Term Relationships

In the world of real estate marketing, long-term relationships are very valuable and direct mail is a perfect way to build personal, tangible relationships. According to statistics, the average American moves about 11 times in their lifetime. 

Instead of focusing on the one-time sale, try to cultivate trust which will lead to quality relationships. No matter where they go, they will get in touch with you and ask for your opinion before buying a home. 

If the ideal client trusts and likes you, they will be more likely to refer you to their family and friends. This will generate new leads and you will land more clients as a result. Create a mailing list, add the email address of your clients, give them regular phone calls, send them direct mail postcards,and stay in touch with them.

Closing with Direct Mail Marketing for Realtors

Direct mail marketing campaigns help realtors reach new potential customers. Moreover, it also creates awareness about your real estate business, reinforces online marketing, and helps you stay in the minds of buyers and sellers.

With the help of creative and unique direct mail messages, direct mail marketers can easily connect with new prospects, land new clients, and stay at the top of your marketing game.

Use this article as a blueprint for your direct mail marketing strategy, and share it with other people who will find this helpful as well.