Customized Banners for Any Show

Today’s world is a constantly moving stream of information.  Make your brand stand out from the crowd by making your promotional customized banners something to remember.

Customized Banners can be broken down into three categories Retractable Banners, Banner Displays, along with Banners and Flags. Customize the banner to read or display anything you want!

The purpose of having these displays is to advertise or promote a product or service. Create a display that will ensure your brand sticks out from the crowd.

There are tons of different options to choose from when selecting a banner, first on the list is picking out the right category of banner. Does your business want something retractable or something more along the lines of a traditional banner? Do you or your business want something to be featured indoors or outdoors?

With customized banners the possibilities are endless, everything from the base, to the graphic, and the pole can be changed and customized depending upon which style you choose.


Retractable Banners

Great for any type of business use, trade show, or special occasion. Retractable banners are easy for transport and storage. This banner is able to stand up straight with the help of a mechanical string or tensioner, while the graphic is able to retract inside and out of the base.

These customized banners are not meant for permanent usage in a room, instead use it in times of promotion otherwise the tension in the banner pole will loosen. The retractable banner can come in different types of graphics such as, smooth vinyl, curl free vinyl, standard over laminated photo paper prints, blackout polyester, etc.

The two different styles of bases include the compact housing, which has feet that swing out and base style housing which stands on its own


1. Telescoping Retractor Banner

The telescoping retractor banner is one of the most common banners found. Quick and easy to install the telescoping banner features base style housing so it can stand up on its own without any feet sticking out.

The banner is attached with an adhesive strip so that it may retract inside and out of the base. Perfect for a quick setup, the retractable base can allow for easy movement throughout a convention or trade center.

The pole can also be set to any height, start with adjusting the height of the pole and latching it at the desired height. Then, simply pull the graphic banner out of the retractor and attach to the pole.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching and easy to use banner, the telescoping retractor banner is definitely a solid contender. Ideal for any convention or trade show setup, these easy to use customized banners can be carried practically anyway on the go!


2. Lumos Retractor Banner

Brighten up your promotion with the Lumos Retractor Banner! Opened by pulling the graphic out from the retractor, the Lumos retractor banner has its graphic attached to the pole with a latch, for easy to install usage.

The best feature of the Lumos retractor banner has to be the illumination feature. By attaching the light source to the top of the pole with a latch, all it takes is a power cord to shed some beautiful lighting to your graphic!

Illuminated from both the top and bottom this bright retractable banner will advertise your promotion wonderfully and make your brand pop out!


3. Outdoor Ballast Retractor

Looking for something that can endure the four seasons? Then the Outdoor Ballast Retractor banner is the right choice for your promotional needs! Able to withstand being outside, rain or shine, this retractor comes with two telescoping poles and support bars to maintain maximum stability.

The outdoor ballast retractor also has the ability to feature two graphics that lock into place. Customize these two graphics in the display to feature either the same print design or a completely different design on the opposite side!  

One of the best features is the set of wheels attached on the Outdoor Ballast Retractor which allows for easy movement and transfer. While everyone is packing away their banners and trade show displays, the wheels will enable your business to stand out by simply rolling away, a no hassle assembly and disassembly!

This product will be a great item to use outside of a business during a promotion period. Ideal for any outside advertisement this retractor will allow for all year promotion and advertising.


Banner Displays

Banners are a terrific idea for any type of advertising or promotional purpose! A perfect opportunity for any business to display their newest product. Banner Displays are commonly used by schools, businesses, and restaurants to promote special events or company logos.

Typically a form of outdoor advertising, banners are most commonly made out of vinyl (traditionally known as PVC). All banners can either be double or single sided. Most commonly, graphics are displayed on the customized banners using grommets however they can also slide into place using rails or latches. Graphics for customized banners are designed with the PVC to allow wind to flow freely through them.

A surefire way to make your brand pop out, these customizable banners are incredibly versatile and the perfect design tool.

The Vinyl banners are typically seen being used as stadium flags, festival banners, street banners, trade show banners, etc.


1. X-Base Banner Display

The X Banner Stands are an outstanding addition to any trade show or convention space! Trade shows can be hectic and your booth may be lost in the hustle and bustle of the large convention halls. Don’t let that happen! Here are all of our tips to stand out at a tradeshow.

Instead, look at investing in an X-Base Banner Display, not only does this banner provide amazing structural support to the graphic. It is also extremely lightweight and durable. Using an aluminum frame, the stand maximizes on its ability to be easily transportable. The base on this stand does include feet to maintain the integrity of the structure.

This model has the ability to customize even further by featuring a stand that allows two graphics, front and back. Depending on which model you look into purchasing. With this model the graphic slides into the top pole, no latch attachment. Instead the graphic simply slides into place and is tightened with a knob on the bottom and top rail of the X-Base Banner display.


2. Curved Cantilever Banner

Set up to be viewed on a curved horizontal pole, the Curved Cantilever Banner is a great option for anyone that wants a simplistic banner that is classic and still eye-catching.

Set up with a small square base, the Curved Cantilever Banner features a pole that goes up alongside the graphic and then curves in a horizontal direction. The graphic hangs from the grommets featured on the horizontal curve to create a sleek and flawless display.

This model has one of the easiest assemblies available for display banners. Available to feature not one but two graphics, which is sure to make any brand pop out. The Curved Cantilever Banner is a good beginner’s display for anyone looking for a simplistic yet stylish banner.

This model would be perfect to situate inside a waiting room or small café. It would add an additional touch of personality and brand authenticity to any space.


3. Hanging Banner

The title of this banner is a bit self-explanatory. This classic style of banner hangs down, typically from a ceiling or wall depending upon your graphic size. Most commonly, the larger size of this banner is found hanging in an entrance expo hall, or even featured inside a department store during a large sale.

While this banner is one of the most popular banners around, its ability to communicate and promote is undeniable. As well as the size of it allows for tons of customization and personalization.

These signs are so eye-catching and hard to miss, it’s a surefire way to ensure good business during a trade show or convention. In those large convention halls, everybody’s always looking up to admire the large space. So make sure that when people are looking up they see your beautiful customized banner!


4. Three Sided Banner

Want to catch everyone’s attention no matter which direction they’re walking? Then go with the Three Sided Banner! A perfect option to be placed inside a tradeshow hall, this banner features three large graphics.

In terms of customization, the ability to have three different banners enables a brand to do practically anything!

The hardware is typically made of lightweight durable aluminum. Depending on the model the graphics may even come preinstalled on the banner display!

The Three Sided Banner features a pyramid shaped base that hold three different graphics, creating a 360 look. No matter which director a guest walks they’ll be sure to see your amazing graphic promotional advertisement!


5. Wine Glass-Shaped Banner

Looking for something different and sure to grab everyone’s attention? Look no further! The Wineglass Shaped Banner is the perfect option for a business inquiring about a unique banner display.

The display pops open just as easily as opening an umbrella. The base features a cross or scissor style shaped base that is made from aluminum in order to be durable and lightweight.

When displayed with your brand or business logo, this showstopper will surely grab the attention of potential clients. The options are limitless when debating what to put on this 360 display. The Wineglass Display will feature unlimited access to your promotion and advertising by maintaining a constant display of the banner.


Banners & Flags

Banners and Flags are traditionally known for displaying symbols, logos, slogans, and/or other messages. In today’s world these items are used for promotion and advertising within the business world. Commonly found at tradeshows or convention centers, businesses use these Banners and Flags to promote themselves or their products. Here are more products that promote your business at a tradeshow.

The usage of  Banners and Flags as promotional pieces goes way back, historically speaking. Since humanity could draw and sew, people in places of power have been using flags to showcase their brand. Even the American flag represents our country’s brand. When people see symbols their minds immediately find an association for that symbol.

Nowadays, businesses do much the same by displaying their brand on flags and customized banners. People must always be ingesting new information, and they do it constantly by looking at the world around them and reading new things. So, why not have the information they ingest come from your own promotional Banner or Flag.


1. Ship Sail Flag Banner

Commonly found during sporting events, this flag shaped banner will attract the attention of any who pass by. Simply place this banner outside in a desired location and watch it flap in the wind as it moves with life.

Grab a stand and set it up to operate as your own personal booth marker during a convention or trade show. This banner is also often referred to as the feather banner, the slim design of the banner allows for the banner to be transported and placed in almost any area.

Similar to a tent, the poles are flexible to ensure the banner movement. This banner is incredibly easy to install simply slide the graphic through the pole and voilà!


2. Fabric Mesh Banner

Often found running alongside fencing, the Fabric Mesh Banner is a common banner. Schools typically use this banner design to run alongside sports fencing. Placed there to display sponsors and encourage school spirit.

Also commonly found in tradeshow and convention centers. This banner can be placed against almost any surface, whether that be on the front of a booth or alongside the convention hall walls.

Print out any type of slogan or wordage you want, the Fabric Mesh Banner is completely versatile. Able to be placed horizontal or vertical the possibilities are endless.

Set it up by simply attaching the signage to any type of surface with either tape or string. Often, the mesh banner will feature grommet holes to allow for any type of hanging situation.


3. Mini Sail Sign Flag

Similar to the Ship Sail Flag Banner, this banner is one of the easiest to move and transport. Small and compact the Mini Sail Sign Flag is ideal for a business wanting to advertise and promote on the go. A common use for this design is to clip it to the back of a car, this way no matter where you travel your brand will be on constant display

The setup is quick and easy, first assemble the hardware by attaching the base to the pole. Next, simply slide the graphic onto the pole and you’re all set to go!

Because this design is so lightweight and easy to carry, it can be displayed practically anywhere. Place it on top of your booth at a tradeshow and watch as each person who steps up pauses to look at it. Entirely customizable, the graphic can be personalized to display practically anything. This tiny marvel will undoubtedly make your brand pop!


Which Banner is the best option for You?

Customized Banners are in constant use, promoting, and displaying different kinds of information. With so many different designs out there to choose from, the world of banners can be a bit overwhelming.

Banners, can be used for practically any event and can be repurposed several times. The usage of a banner at an event can liven up any space and create an environment that is inviting to potential customers.

Hopefully now customizing a banner to ensure that your brand pops will be no intimidating task! The customization process is easy and can be applied to all of the different kinds of banners, whether that be a Retractable Banner, Banner Display, or Banner/Flags is entirely up to you!

Each banner category specializes in a different type of display that can help promote your brand splendidly. Enjoy creating your own customized banner!


Customized Banners for Any Show