Trade Show Ideas That Will Dominate in 2021

Are you looking for new ideas to get visitors to your trade show? Or are you looking for new ways to market your company or business?

There are few better options that can beat the effectiveness of trade shows, but how do you stand out at one?

You’re in luck: we’ve put together our favorite trade show ideas for you to put yourself ahead of the pack.

Trade shows today have grown in many areas to be much more informative to attendees, paying attention to them and help them to be proactive in participation.

Proper planning and execution are absolutely required to make your trade show a blockbuster, although preparing for a trade show is not as easy as it seems.


How to Prepare for a Trade Show

When planning for big events there are a number of things that might go wrong.

One minor oversight or miscommunication to miss a deadline or go over budget can make your event a big dud.

A lot of complications and variables involved in demonstrating can cause some serious problems.

Here are some of the easiest ways to prepare for a trade show.

Prepare Your Display

Trade shows are an ideal way to showcase of your company’s latest products and network with clients.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll find potential industry partners too.

That’s the reason you need an attractive and engaging display design that grab everyone’s attention.

Interactive displays

When you are one of many different companies at a trade show, you need a simple, effective way to stand out in the crowd. An interactive display is a fantastic way for you to connect with your visitors with video, entering a contest, or even playing a game.

Interactive displays offer a number of possibilities for engagement, and helps to inform potential customers about your product or service at trade shows.

Your interactive display can provide access to either digital or print materials, testimonial videos, your website, and more.

When your staff is busy with other guests, interactive displays allow your visitors to acquire information on their own.

Booth Presentation

You want your booth to look unprofessional, right? Obviously not!

Give your booth a seriously professional touch with a trade show table throw. Clean & simple tablecloths can play a crucial role in elevating your display.

Dressing up the table with a customized table throw is one of the first things people notice.

When you get a trade show table throw, you can easily customize it with your company’s logo or design, helping you to convey the image of your company.

Trade show table throws (when presented effectively) go a long with to complement the theme of your booth.

Post to Social Media

Social media has become a popular way for businesses and customers to interact. If you are not using social media, you are missing out on a world of possibilities.

How does social media help in publicizing your trade show?

During the trade show, you can create a Facebook event page. This is a great way to increase the curiosity of attendees and also promote your activities going on.

You can also use hashtags or live videos on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook to promote your booth. Make sure to keep eyes on the comments you are getting about your event at the trade show.

If feasible, you can also set up live newscast from your booth to let people know what is going on and what is coming up so they that don’t miss it.

Be sure to bring a list of frequently asked questions & your responses to them. Address problems instantly to show people you know your product and that you care.

When the event is over, don’t forget to thank attendees for following-up with direct messages. Every unique message goes a long way to make the event resonate.

Also, make sure to post lots of videos and pictures for those who miss the trade show event.

The Best Trade Show Ideas for Giveaways 👇

So you’re looking for some unique trade show ideas for giveaways? When it comes to giveaways for your trade show, you probably have a ton of different ideas.

If you want to pull in new leads and push your brand ahead, you have to make sure your trade show giveaways are spot-on.

Some of the trade show giveaways may seem compelling at first, but eventually end up in the trash of the exhibit hall. Obviously, no one wants that right?

Look for a trade show giveaway that is not just attractive to look, but is useful and cost-effective for your intended target customer—which may not be everyone there.

Let’s cover our best and most-useful trade show ideas for giveaways.


Custom Bags

It is no secret that businesses across the world trust promotions and for that they constantly look for unique giveaway products.

Bags are one of the most common, yet useful products in this category. These are a popular promotional giveaway at trade shows.

Let’s go over what type of bags you can use as a giveaway in your trade show.


Washable Paper Bags

Washable paper bags make an amazing giveaway at the trade show. You can customize your brand name and give it to your visitors and customers. These bags can be continually reused.

You can choose high-quality of these bags for keeping candy, spices, snacks, tea, coffee and more. This adds a professional appeal that consumers will appreciate and love.

With aesthetic appeal and professional quality, you can definitely delight and impress your booth attendees.

Waterproof Tech Bags

Without a doubt, smartphone and tablets are the most common tech-items people carry.

These are expensive items and protecting them is a huge concern for everyone.

Giving away a security-related promotional product can go a long way to show you’re looking out for your customers.

Waterproof tech bags are the right choice here. Handy for the beach or on a boat, these bags will hold your smartphone and other crucial small things while keeping them dry and safe.


Neoprene Bags

Another great option for eye-popping promotional bags are neoprene bags. These are perfect for keeping daily essentials all in one.

This stylish bag is definitely going to grab the attention of your visitors and use over and over again.

Neoprene bags are big enough to be used for travel or shopping, but is compact enough to take anywhere.

These types of bags feature a padded handle & inner pockets to keep small items like smartphone, keys, your wallet and more.

Food Giveaways

Foot traffic is the biggest variable at any trade show, and edible items are one of the most popular and effective ways to get attendees to visit your booth. Everyone loves edible samples, and they’re a great way to get a conversation started.

The way to serve and what edibles you’re offering together make an effective marketing tool. When your presentation is locked down, your prospects will notice.

Here are some of our best trade show ideas for food items you can offer to your attendees as giveaways.


Not everyone likes sweet edible items, so you can also use some savory food products at your booth at the trade show.

Savory foods are salty, meaty, spicy and strong, also make an amazing marketing tool.

Stocking your booth with edible giveaways draw prospects in and enables your sales team to pitch your service or product.

So what choice are you opting? Sweet or savory or both?

Savory Delectables

Without a doubt, smartphone and tablets are the most common tech-items people carry.

These are expensive items and protecting them is a huge concern for everyone.

Giving away a security-related promotional product can go a long way to show you’re looking out for your customers.

Waterproof tech bags are the right choice here. Handy for the beach or on a boat, these bags will hold your smartphone and other crucial small things while keeping them dry and safe.

Branded Apparel

Without a doubt, trade shows help people to share their services, ideas, and products within the industry.

Regardless of your industry or business, promotional apparel is a major part of a trade show giveaway.

Giving customized attire with company’s logo and the brand name is one of the most effective methods of advertising.

Here are some of the freshest apparel ideas for trade shows.


Custom Compressed T-shirts

How many times have you come across with people wearing T-shirts imprinted with the name of brand or logo on it?

T-shirts are considered as the most popular giveaways at the trade shows. If you are looking for the small giveaway, compressed t-shirts can make a big splash.

When it comes to generating new customers and increase brand awareness, these are one of a kind t-shirts used as a giveaway at a trade show.

Distributing compressed t-shirts create an excitement about your brand and also act as an aid in your marketing.

You can imprint your company’s logo or message to reinforce your brand name in the recipient’s minds, making for a really a fun gift for your booth attendees at a trade show.



No one can deny the usefulness and practical use of sunglasses.

Many of your booth attendees will turn their heads if you give sunglasses to them as a promotional product for free.

For sunny and bright days, these are a must-have accessory for sporting event, beach, and outdoor activity.

Branded Socks

Promotional products at trade shows are the easiest way to start a conversation with prospects.

However, you should choose a product that not only influences attendees, but they can use it over and over.

One such giveaway products are custom socks. These are most recommended over t-shirts because most people avoid wearing promotional apparel they are not associated with.

With promotional socks, the logo will be only seen when they put off them or wash them.

This giveaway will make your clients think about you every time they wear it.

Lanyards & Badge holders

If you are looking for the most efficient way to take networking efforts to the next level, then personalized lanyards and badge holders are the right choices for you.

Lanyards can be customized to showcase the name and website of your company. These are not only cost-effective giveaway at the trades show, but also one of the most perceptible items anyone can wear.

You can customize lanyards with different messages or slogans on them to promote your brand, or even your trade show campaign

On the other hand, badge holders are also inexpensive giveaways and can also be worn at trade shows.

Custom badge holders are used to keeping badges close and display IDs, making networking a breeze.

This giveaway will make your clients think about you every time they wear it.

Slap Bracelets

If you think slap bracelets were a thing of past, you are probably mistaken.

Today, also these bracelets make an amazing giveaway at trade shows and also used as a popular promotional product.

These personalized bracelets are the great way to tell people about your brand, product or service.

These hand bracelets are easy to snap onto the arm, wrist or ankle. This fun custom band appeals people of every age.

Also, these brands make great identifications for both volunteers and guests.

Useful Office Items

Customized office items also make an amazing trade show giveaway. Your attendees will be pleased to get customized office supplies that they can use throughout the year.

When you give promotional office supplies as a giveaway you will ensure repeated exposure of your brand name or logo, whenever they use them.

Some of the popular office supplies for giveaways at a trade show are journals, desk sets, paperweights, notepads, pen and more.

Below are our most popular trade show ideas under this category.


Vibrant Desk Sets

If your booth is focused to sell to professional services, obviously giving them vibrant desk sets make sense.

Clean and simple desk sets can include a stapler, pen cup, desk organizer tray, pens and pen cup—or whatever you’d like!

All the items in a set are highly useful for professionals. Moreover, all are packed and imprinted into a custom box, definitely give exposure to your brand name when they keep it on their office desk.

This set is sure going to persuade your attendees and whenever they use your products they will remember your brand.

Lenticular Journals

Are you looking to get the most exposure for your brand at the trade shows? Choose lenticular journals as giveaways.

These journals are amazing to look and leave people wide-eyes when they see them.

Lenticular journals not only a medium for journal entries, but you can also have something to look while using it…just try not to get too distracted!


Customized drinkware items are a very useful giveaway for trade shows. These items come in different materials to meet the specific needs of the brand.

You can also use water bottles or insulated tumblers as a giveaway.

Your attendees will be happy to get it as a giveaway as this is one of the most used products available that they can use at home or even at their work.

Leather Pint Sleeve

If you are looking to distribute premium giveaways that could make your brand stand apart in the crowd, then you can consider giving leather pint sleeves.

These fall under premium giveaways categories and are used by casual drinkers and beer aficionados alike.

Obviously, no one likes to drink warm beer, so these sleeves avoid skin-to-glass contact.

When used, these sleeves give maximum visibility to your logo and brand name.

Cerakote Tumblers

When the business you are representing in a trade show is related to some beverage, there is no better option than distributing tumblers.

Cerakote tumblers make for an amazing giveaway at your trade show when customized with your brand’s visual language.

Side benefit: you’ll make your friends envy who are using old boring stainless steel cups and not these customized ones.

Fresh Technology

Today, almost everything is based on technology. Be it your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC.

For your next marketing campaign at a trade show, you can use technology-based products to really drive foot traffic and convert attendees into customers.

Don’t think all tech is expensive: you can rely on the basics like flash drives, charging chord, power banks etc.

Here are our best tech-based trade show ideas to make for an amazing giveaway.

Utility Charging Cord

Today, almost everyone owns a mobile phone and obviously charger is a must accessory. What if you got an extra one for free?

Distribute a utility charging chord to your attendees, and generate some serious attention by customizing it with your logo or brand name.

Don’t stress which type of charger attendees may need, go for universal charging cables with manifold connectors.

Giving out a universal charging cord makes things much easier for you and also for your attendees. This would definitely make a good impression on your attendees.

Mobile Power Banks

Another fantastic giveaway is mobile power bank.

These make an amazing giveaway if your business is associated with a stockbroker, banking industry, or finance industry.

Moreover, when your attendees are traveling and suddenly their phone battery is getting off, these mobile power banks can be a life saver and they are definitely going to remember your brand saving the day.

Custom Shaped Flash Drives

Custom USB flash drives are considered as must-have tech items for storing files, images, videos or any digital file. These are one of the most used accessories your attendees going to love.

The custom shaped flash drives are made through carving and molding plastic, metal, wood, rubber or any other material into a unique shape that fits any USB flash drive.

This makes an excellent promotional product that brings a real sense of innovation and creativity.

Distributing it as a giveaway will not only create an impression to your prospects, but also distinguish your brand from its competition.


As important as it is to have promotional products to hand out, you’ve got to have a display.

Two things make a display valuable. First is obviously the appearance. If your display and counter is sleek and professional, you will grab everyone’s attention.

Second of all, you’re going to want your display to be easy to set up and pack away. Time is valuable, so let’s not waste it setting up counters and displays.

Here’s some ideas that will meet all of your requirements.

Backlit Counter

This backlit counter is a sleek, collapsible push-fit tension fabric counter that delivers a vibrant pop to branding and messaging.

The counter pairs a collapsible, white frame and channel bars that hold push-fit SEG fabric graphics. Lights attach easily to the top and bottom cross bars.

The counter comes with backlit fabric graphics on the front and a white backer.

It’s finished with a laminated counter top for a sleek appearance.

The counter requires no tools for assembly, is lightweight and highly portable. It packs away as easy as it sets up!

10ft. Backlit Fabric Display

The 10ft, full height (4 Quad x 3 Quad) backlit push-fit fabric display is a sleek illuminated collapsible display.

The display makes it simple to make a big impact in minutes with easy-to-attach patent-pending LED lighting and a push-fit backlit graphic that attaches to channel bars around the perimeter of the frame.

Simply attach lights to the collapsible frame and insert the graphic into the channel bars for an impactful illuminated display solution!

Graphics available as single or double-sided with endcaps. No tools are required for assembly. A protective molded case for storage and transport are included. Option available to purchase frame, LED lights and case only.

6′ Tradeshow Display Kit

Remember that time you went to a tradeshow and you saw that greasy-haired dude in the oversized suit?

You know—the one with nothing but business cards, brochures, and a print-out of his logo on his table?

Don’t be that guy.

With this complete tradeshow display kit, you’ll be able to setup your booth in mere minutes & spend your time talking to leads—not debate if you put too much Axe body spray on.

Trade Show Ideas That Will Dominate in 2021
Trade Show Ideas That Will Dominate in 2021

Leverage the Power of Trade Shows

Trade shows giveaways are one of the most important ways to improve overall trade show experience for the company.

They pave the way to selling services and products by initiating communications with attendees.

Once you grab the attention of your prospects, your brand will get more visibility, and you’ll be on the way to trade show success.