10 Best Ways to Distribute Promotional Items

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If you’re trying to catch the attention of your prospective customers, you need to distribute promotional products as a highly powerful and useful advertising tool.

Tangible high-quality products imprinted with your company name or logo and creates a huge amount of brand awareness amongst the consumers.

Promotional merch as a highly powerful and useful advertising tool that allows consumers to connect with the company on a physical level.

From customized mugs & shirts to colorful notepads, promotional items come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. 

If a promotional product is creative and innovative, it is very likely to leave a memorable impact on their minds.

Now the million-dollar question is how and when to distribute the branded items to maximize engagement?

Here are a few creative ideas and marketing objectives that will help your company message across effectively!

Distribute as Holiday Gifts

Who doesn’t love the warm, fun-filled holiday season? Whether it is through a customized pen, a box of yummy chocolates, or personalized mugs, send out the business promo gift items as holiday business gifts to show your regular customers that you appreciate them!

From manufacturing partners to your office staff, you can treat them a nice, thoughtful promotional item that will act as a reminder of your love and appreciation. 

Giveaway at Conferences to Distribute Promotional Items

When you are trying to establish your position in the industry, conferences are the right way to about it.

If you are at a conference, it would be a good idea to distribute pens, notepads, etc. to the crowd.

Even something as small as water bottles will go a long way in creating awareness regarding your brand.

You can give out the bonus items during the conference or once they are on their way out.

If you have a booth at the conference, keep the gift items there and give them out to all those who visit your booth!

Connect with Giveaways at Trade Shows

It is not only about the right time but also the right people when it comes to distributing promotional items. A trade show is a perfect place for you to reach out and connect with the right people.

The attendees at a trade show are already interested in the industry you work in and with the right yet simple products, you can easily reel them in!

With the help of quality promotional giveaways, you can attract visitors to your stall at the exhibitions.

A key tag or a handy pen will definitely help the attendees remember your brand long after they leave!

Use an eye-catching display to make sure you stand out amongst hundreds of other competitors!

Show Your Customer Appreciation

We are all humans who love a bit of appreciation and acknowledgment. It is a human trait to love appreciation and if you give out promo items to your loyal customers to show your appreciation, it will leave a positive footprint on their minds.

With the help of loyalty schemes, you can encourage recipients to buy from you again with awards for every purchase.

After they buy your product a few times, you can offer them a free sample or a free promotional product.

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back!

Reward with Employee Appreciation

It is not only about appreciating your grateful customers – but it is also about valuing the employees who work day and night to make your company a success.

Use reward programs to show your workers that you appreciate their hard work and loyalty. 

Give promotional items and rewards to your employees after they achieve marketing goals for the quarter, reach a sales target, or bring in a specific number of buyers.

Incentivize Influencers & Bloggers

We live in a technological world with everyone having access to smartphones and the internet. The rise of influencers & marketers on various social media platforms is something that you can use to your advantage.

Influencers have already built a following and you can harness their power to create awareness regarding your brand.

Send out your giveaway items to social media influencers so that they can post pictures of the merchandise. You can also ask them to give a testimonial.

Celebrity pull is strong. With the help of correct ambassadors for your services and products, your sales can easily go through the roof!

Make New Product Launch/Grand Openings Memorable

Another alluring way to grab people’s attention is by giving away freebies at your new product launches and grand opening. Creative little packages that will leave a mark on the audience’s minds will positively influence your sale amounts.

When you are opening a retail location and have a grand opening, a gift that will make the participants remember the night will go a long way in advertising your promo items such as calendars, T-shirts, and prizes.

Sponsor Local Events To Distribute Promotional Items

Do you have an upcoming local event? Show your participation by becoming a sponsor.

Distributing promotional products with your logos and the company message will ensure that the participants remember your brand for a long time.

Keep Leads Warm After a Digital Marketing Conversion

With a global pandemic going on, it is hard to reach out to prospective clients physically. However, with the help of the right communication tools, zoom meetings, skype calls, etc. you can engage with your target customers and audience.

However, to ensure that the virtual meeting leaves a professional impression on their minds, you can always mail promotional products over to them so that your banded items and services will more tangible to them.

Moreover, you can hold social media contests for your audience and give out your products to a few select winners. Everyone enjoys a little competition and a social media contest will draw people in. 

Hyper-Targeted Direct Mailings To Distribute Promotional Items

Even though people don’t like junk mail, they do like presents. Direct mailing promotional items is a great way to catch the attention of the community. A creative and enticing direct mailer is definitely bound to leave a mark on the people. 

However, don’t go over the budget and send out thousands of promotional items – select a few, targeted individuals, and ensure that your small mailer creates the biggest impact.

What You Need to Know to Distribute Promotional Items

With the right amount of marketing and perfect business advertising techniques, you can reach out to a larger audience and increase your chances of sales. Employ the above-mentioned promotional product distribution campaigns and see how quickly they will generate leads!

Happy Marketing, Folks!