The 15 Biggest & Best Rebrands of 2021 + Trends

When we start a business, we don’t give much thought to branding in the beginning. After all, it is difficult to sit down and go through fonts & styles when you are trying to figure out how to connect with your prospective customers. Moreover, even if you create a brand identity right from the beginning, it doesn’t mean that you won’t change your initial branding business plan down the road. Don’t worry – rebrands are not uncommon and many major brands – from Burger King to Warner Brothers – have rebranded successfully in the past.

The business name along with its logo are the ambassadors of your brand. In this article, we have put together a list of the biggest and best rebrands of 2021 along with rebranding trends.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Are Rebrands?

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Simply put, rebrands are a business strategy in which you change your company’s corporate image by creating a new symbol, logo, etc. The aim of rebranding is to create a unique visual identity in the minds of the prospects, investors, employees, competitors, consumers, etc. 

How Can Rebrands Help Your Company?

Why should you rebrand? There are several reasons for deciding to rebrand. For instance, if you think that your company’s mission, values, and vision are no longer adequately reflected by the current brand, a rebrand might be a good decision for you.

Let’s take a look at a few other reasons.

New Locations With Rebrands

If you are expanding your business to new locations, for instance, international markets, people may not identify with your current messaging, logo, etc. Therefore, you might have to refresh the brand.

Market Repositioning

Brands are a way of connecting companies with consumers. Therefore, if you are repositioning your business to target a new customer market – through place, price, promotion, product, etc. – you will have to ensure your brand follows suit. 

Your old marketing materials will be useless or less effective once you reposition your brand when going after a different market segment.

New Philosophy

Every business decision that you make should be in the light of your company’s values, vision, mission, etc. This includes brand decisions as well. If your company is following a new philosophy, you need to reevaluate your brand image as well.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When two businesses merge, their brand identities merge as well. If you joined another company, you can’t simply use the old brands. You have to create a new brand that will reflect the values of the new entity.

The 15 Top Rebrands

Let’s take a look at the 15 top rebrands by famous businesses in the market.


Who doesn’t love ice cream? Sunhouse – a UK marketing agency – came up with a new, sensuous, and delicious logo for Magnum, the king of the ice cream world. The new logo was designed keeping in mind the idea that pleasure is not an exclusive privilege, but is something that anyone can enjoy.

The new logo is an inverted version of the old logo and is cleaner, richer, with a subtle texture effect.

The White House

With a new President in the house, we have a new logo for the White House as well. With the Republican party no longer in the White House, the Biden administration has changed the entire website of the White House and has created a new logo. 

The colors have been inverted in the new version. Like its namesake, the White House in the logo is white, and a few subtle architectural details have been added to the pillars & the windows. 

The new visual design represents the aims of the new administration – look forward while maintaining some of the traditional roots.

Burger King

After 20 years of using the same brand, Burger King went with a rebrand in 2021. The simplified and revamped logo reminds people of the logo that the brand used from the 70s till the 90s. A fresh, single color palette, uniforms, and packaging pay homage to Burger King’s heritage with a new design that is bold, confident, yet refreshingly familiar. 


After releasing a COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer changed its logo to mark its ideological shift from commerce to science. The new logo signals a new era for the company in terms of science and research.

The visual shift from an oval pill-like the design to a helix-shaped logo is very subtle & sublime. Inspired by the double helix structure of DNA, the aim of the new marketing strategy is to show how the company is not simply a big pharma company.

Rather, it is playing a role in bringing forth ‘world-changing science’. 


The new logo of Fisher-Price is a part of a bigger identity refresh for the company. It is a flexible and playful version of the old logo. The three semi-circles represent the three founders – Irving Price, Helen Schelle, and Herman Fisher.

It represents the intersection between adults and kids. With the subtle change to lowercase letters and creating a smile from the hyphen, the logo reaffirms the brand story.


A lot of major companies these days are updating their logos to look vintage and modern simultaneously. The same goes for the logo change by Paramount. The new logo is streamlined and flat and depicts adventure. 

With Paramount focusing on building a new streaming platform, this rebrand sheds light on the changing environment. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you work in design, video, web, UX, or photography, then you will be very familiar with Adobe’s creative cloud, especially Adobe Photoshop. To unify the individual application in a better way, Adobe changed the logo of the Creative Cloud.

The new logo combines all the colors of their products with the new corporate red into a single gradient. The rainbow symbolizes the creativity umbrella that makes up the Creative Cloud.


A lot of companies are recreating historic logos while keeping the new, digitalized era in mind, Cadbury went a rebranding and changed its logo by drawing on the signature of William Cadbury, who is the grandson of the company’s founder. 

The new logo adds a hint of authenticity and luxury to the multi-billion dollar legacy of the global brand. 


After using the same design for 20 years, BMW has shifted to a new2-D version of the iconic logo. The white & blue color variations of the new logo depict a spinning propeller in a blue sky, which is a nod to the company’s beginnings as plane manufacturers. 

The black border has been removed and the revamped logo uses clean, simple lines which are easy on the eyes. 


The Planters aimed for revamping their logo in 2021 after killing off Mr Peanut. This logo refresh is a great example of how to take the elements of an already recognizable logo and build off it.

The new Planters logo doesn’t lose the essential nature of the existing logo and is fun, sturdy, and confident. At the top of the font, there is a solid line that gives weight to the logo and the darker blue color complements it nicely.


The new emblem of Renault has a simple and geometric design that adds movement to the logo, which was missing in the old one. The double lines symbolize the wheels of a car on the road. 

The use of simple lines adds depth to the logo in a subtle yet effective way.

Warner Brothers

After changing their logo to celebrate their centenary, Warner Brothers have come up with an updated emblem in 2021. The edge of the shield and the initials have been rendered in metallic silver and a touch of 3D has been added to the logo.

It looks very good, attractive, and alluring!

Aunt Jemima

Aunt Jemima by Quaker Oats underwent rebranding after a viral TikTok highlighted how the design & packaging of the brand was a reminder of a racist stereotype. Due to extreme backlash in 2020, Quaker Oats announced that they will rebrand the product entirely.

Survey Monkey –> Momentive

Survey Monkey has announced that the company will be relaunching under the new name ‘Momentive’. The revamped emblem for Momentive is very different from the green monkey head of the existing one.

It has a blue triangle and a yellow quarter-circle that overlaps and creates a shade of green.


The CIA is looking to encourage people from all walks of life and backgrounds to send in applications and become part of the agency. The new logo is modern, clean, and bold. The only thing the logo retains is the circular shape.

The black and white logo looks powerful and we love it!

The Common Trends With Rebrands in 2021

With so many companies rebranding themselves in 2021, we have seen some common trends among them.

Legible Designs

Successful brands have started to move towards logos that are clear, bold, and use fonts that are easy to read.

Vintage Style

Companies have continued to with retro looks with a modern and minimal approach.

Restoring Poor Reputation and Trust

Brands are becoming more and more consumer-conscious. They are trying to rebuild their damaged reputations by coming across as reliable and trustworthy.


From Planters to CIA, we can see that the use of titled, slightly curved logos that create a dynamic sense of movement are in the logos.

Ditching the Circle

Many companies are ditching the circular containers that kept everything together in the revamped logos. 

Rethinking Social & Racial Stereotypes

In terms of racial equality and social justice, this has been a year of change. Business owners have changed their brands to depict this way of forward-thinking and retain their customer base.

Becoming More Eco-Friendly With Rebrands

One of the reasons companies have started building their image as sustainable, environmentally-friendly service providers is to attract the market of youngsters with an eco-friendly customer profile.

Closing With Rebrands of 2021

Only through relentless marketing efforts will your parent company become successful. Now that you know what rebranding is, how it is useful for businesses, and what are the current rebranding trends, it is time for you to consider whether you need to rebrand your company or not.

Whether you go with a logo or website redesign, a complete brand overhaul or a simple refresh of the business tagline, we – at Inspire – will be happy to help you with everything you need.

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