Promotional Travel Essentials

Promotional travel essentials are perfect for a business to hand out to visiting clients or customers, or even for gifting to employees that frequently travel.

Promotional travel items can also give incredible value to a customer or employees overall travel experience. The items themselves can transform a hectic business trip into an enjoyable relaxed travel expedition.

Everyone should have a list of the essential items they need to travel with. So let’s dive into some of the high quality promotional travel essentials that will ensure for a hassle-free trip.


Luggage Tags

Undoubtedly one of the most popular promotional travel essentials. Luggage tags are a traveling essential. Any frequent flyer knows the horror of sitting by the luggage carousal and watching it spin around and around with hundreds of plain black suitcases.

Now don’t hate on black suitcases, they’re sleek and one of the most popular colors for suitcases. However, that many black suitcases can make it hard to pick out which one belongs to you. By having a colorful branded luggage tag, the stress of finding your suitcase is gone!

Company logos can become easily recognizable, and luggage tags are essential. So why not put two and two together to create the perfect practical  promotional travel essential!

Luggage tags can also be the perfect promotional giveaway item! Small and compact the luggage tag is easy to carry around. Coming in all different types of shapes and sizes luggage tags are the ultimate promotional travel essential to be customized and passed out.



Let’s not kid ourselves, airplanes are freezing. For the sake of saying it, so are trains! Most travel vehicles are air conditioned to ensure no one gets overheated, while from a health and medical standpoint that’s great.For the rest of us it means sitting in a vehicle for an unknown amount of time and freezing.

On a different note sleeping is a great way to pass the time when traveling. Who doesn’t want just a few extra hours of sleep, traveling is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in just a few more hours.

Blankets are a wonderful gift to receive on any occasion. So why not brand them and make it into a promotional product for your brand or business? Blankets create a wonderful opportunity to be creative and design a blanket that promotes your business.

The blanket can be the company logo printed across the whole surface. Or it could be as simple as having a slogan printed in the corner of the blanket. The options are vast and enable a business to create whatever they like! Blankets should be on everyone’s travel essential list.


Neck Pillow

A popular subgenre of the blanket family are the travel pillows. These neck pillows are another great opportunity for displaying and promoting. A great gift to give to a frequent traveler, the travel pillows are perfect for the traveler who struggles to get comfortable when traveling.

Neck pillows can help ease the journey and make it just a little bit more enjoyable. Definitely add this to your list of promotional travel essentials!


Sleep Mask

Now one might assume that sleep masks are provided on airlines, but nowadays unless you are traveling abroad most airlines have you supply your own.

You could also be traveling on a bus or train and be in need of a sleep mask as well, which is why this is a useful item to add onto your travel essentials list.



This category is a bit broad, and for good reason. Organization while traveling usually consists of toiletry bags, cosmetic bags, technology bags, etc. These different types of zipped bags are a great way to stay organized during a business trip. Having organization and travel accessories make airport security a breeze. No more digging through carry-on luggage for toiletries.

With everything organized in the pouch, you can simply remove the bag from your luggage and place it on the security conveyer belt. The same goes for technology, with business trips technology can get a bit muddled all over the place. By having everything organized it creates a seamless walk through for TSA and for you.  

The exposure for these promotional travel essentials is exceptional. Again, the personalization on these can be as excessive or subtle as you please. When all the pouches are placed on the conveyer belt at security everyone takes notice and will see your great organized travel pieces.



RFID has become the norm for all travel purposes. Especially when traveling abroad a person can never be too careful. The RFID feature protects the contents inside your wallet from being attacked by malicious readers.

Traveling can become stressful with passports, documents, tickets, and identification floating around everything. By having a travel wallet, the stress of losing a document is greatly reduced.

Some travelers take their document safety to another level by having a lanyard and pouch with their documents inside. This is another route to go in terms of branded wallets.

Other documents like Passport covers are also incredibly helpful. Promote any of these items with your brand to have great travel exposure as well as exceptional promotional gifts.


Travel Mugs

Don’t want to stop and have to wait in line for coffee? Grab a travel mug and be good to go! When traveling by train or car the travel mug is ideal for reducing times you have to stop or get up.

Besides being eco-friendly, travel mugs are a great way to keep up your energy when traveling. Often traveling bogs must of us down and people end up getting drowsy or jetlagged.

By having a travel mug, you help to maintain your own energy and stay awake.

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Charging Cables/Portable Charger

Technology is an import aspect of traveling nowadays. Most people traveling for business carry a laptop bag so that they can work in-between or while waiting for flights. Another great item to produce for travel is charging cables.

Plugging anything in at the airport can be a huge hassle. Airports are trying to get better with their accessibility to charging stations, however, even with the stations, you end up in a smushed position on the floor.

By having a portable charger it allows you to stay comfortable and keep working. Another great item is a technology converter. If you travel frequently abroad, you’ll know about how hard it is sometimes with outlet converters. Everything will need a converter in order to be charged. This creates complications, especially if you’re not prepared.

Here’s one of Inspire’s many power banks and portable chargers.


Lip Balm and Travel Toothbrush

Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make or break traveling. A travel toothbrush is a perfect item to give out. Everybody needs one and often don’t have one.

The worst feeling is arriving at a hotel after traveling and discovering you didn’t pack your toothbrush. Don’t let that happen to you! Add the travel toothbrush to your essential list and never have to suffer through that panic again.

Even by just providing a tube of lip balm value is added to a traveling experience. Even an item like hand sanitizers or a pill case would be an excellent addition to any trip. These small essentials can be some of the most important items to people during their trips.


Duffel Bags or Backpacks

Often considered an essential for traveling. Duffel bags are the perfect carry on item to stick overhead. Coming in several different sizes and colors the options for choosing a duffel are vast. These promotional luggage pieces create a great gift to give to any client or employee.

Backpacks are starting to get more popular on airplanes. Travelers are now preferring to carry a backpack than a traditional carry on piece. Easier to store and pack away, backpacks enable a swift and easy journey on and off a plane or train.

Often workers will simply put their laptop into the backpack and then later take it out in order to sneak in some work time.

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Show Off Your Brand with Promotional Magnets!

Promotional items play an important role in making and breaking the image of any brand. Magnets are incredibly customizable and enable brands to have easy everyday advertising. By using promotional magnets, you could have peace of mind that your brand name will always be highlighted wherever your promotional magnets go!