Our Hottest Summer Promo Products in 2021

We’ve assembled some of the most popular summer promo products that our clients keep asking for.

Summer is considered as the best time for promotion because everyone is enjoying pool parties, festivals, beach and other outdoor events.

All of the outdoor activity provides a wonderful opportunity for business/brand to promote their services and products—getting maximum exposure.

Brands should definitely take advantage of this time by having promotional products the center of attractions at these events.

Take advantage of carefree and fun vibes that the season brings to the table and let your promotional strategy sparkle throughout the entire summer.

Summer-themed giveaways can develop customer loyalty and promote brand awareness.

If you are looking for some great summer promo products to give away, then we have a list of items for you. Let’s dive into the post and find out some creative summer fun products for your business.


Summer Wearables

Flip Flops

Give an airy treat to your feet this warm weather with the amazing cool flip-flops. Custom flip-flops are an excellent giveaway for your promotional event

Customize them with your brand name or logo, and transform them into a wearable giveaway. You can pick from the variety of color options available and make them one of the best fun summer fun promo products this year.

When you use them as a promotional item for your customers and employees, they will wear it and constantly be reminded of your brand or business.

The promotional flip-flop custom printed with your logo are great for barbecues or beach days.


Branded Maui Shirt

You’re looking for a Hawaiian-themed shirt for your brand, but you’re emotionally scarred from the memories of the Tommy Bahama shirts your dad wore because he thought they were cool (#neverforget).

Fear not. These Maui shirts are subtly imprinted with a classy tone-on-tone palm tree pattern so even though they’re clearly Hawaiian-themed, your employees will actually want to wear them—and not because it’s ironically ugly.

No matter what your brand, these Maui dress shirts are great for a golf event, or even a summer party for your company.


Long Sleeve Rash Guard Shirt

Shirts are a prominent gifts and giveaways for several reasons. Of course, everybody loves a free shirt.

Shirts are the sort of clothing that will be worn again and again, and, despite the fact that we’re discussing summer promo things, we can’t miss talking about a long sleeve rash guard shirt.

In summers, this swim clothing provides all-day comfort so when you give them to your prospects they wear it often and make your logo or brand name visible.

These shirts are unisex, so you don’t have to worry giving it specifically to male or female prospects/employees.


Dad Cap

This vintage-soft cap is made out of Cotton Chino fabric, which works along with its unstructured style and antiqued brass side buckle to give this hat a cool, casual look. With six panels and a pre-curved bill, this vintage cap is sure to spice up any outfit.


Beach Towels

Summer and beach are the best combinations to get rid of flashing heat. The basic accessory you need here is beach towels.

Whether you are promoting your organization or business or want to gift some customized item to your customers and employees, beach towels are a perfect choice.

Available in different colors, styles, and sizes, you can choose the custom beach towel that suits your marketing plan.

These are one of the most effective summer promotional product for beach getaways and pool parties. When you outfit beach towel with your logo, it makes the finest summer promo item to giveaway.


Branded Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the most popular and classy accessories that make everyone look stylish and classy. Sunglasses are available in an assortment of styles and colors.

They can likewise be imprinted in numerous ways. So whether you need your organization logo on the arms or lenses you know others will see it, and beneficiaries will clutch them throughout the entire summer.

Every time someone wears it, your brand will get the right exposure that will shoot up.

However, when seeking to buy customized sunglasses as a promo product to giveaway, makes sure it provides 100% protection from UVB and UVA sun rays.

Undoubtedly, the custom pair of promotional sunglasses is a fun way to reinforce your brand. Your customers and employees will wear the sunglasses proudly, giving a quality visibility to your brand.


Summer Accessories

Beach Balls

It’s pretty hard to enjoy the beach at summer without a beach ball.

Whether you are planning a corporate event, company picnic, or a family union, a personalized beach ball is a perfect giveaway that makes your outdoor event a complete fun summer day.

The custom beach ball is an excellent promotional product, especially when your brand name is outfitted on a beach ball.

Regardless the type of business you own, the custom beach balls make an excellent summer promo product to giveaway.


Bullware Bottle Opener

Its no secret.

A bottle opener is a must-have in the summer months. What better advertising for your brand when someone pulls out a bottle opener with your brand on it?

It will help correlate positive emotions with your companies brand and everyone will want one for themselves.

So get this Wood Handle bottle opener with leather wrist strap to bring more brand awareness.


Cooling Towel Mini-Kit

This handy cooling towel kit will help you get started and maintain an active lifestyle the best way: simply.

With 12+ different ways to wear, all you have to do is soak the towel, wring out the water, and snap the towel.

From there, the patented instant cooling technology will absorb moisture & perspiration into the fabric, while circulating water molecules to create a prolonged cooling effect.


Lip Balm

Custom lip balms are considered as one of the best trade show giveaways that have a huge impact on women employees.

They come in a wide assortment of standard flavors and include a colorful wraparound printed label that contains all information about the brand or company you are promoting.

Brands can choose a lip balm with SPF protection and approved by FDA. Your message and logo will be laminated, which means it doesn’t fade away under the sun.

You can give this item in different occasions, events, and functions. Promotional lip balm gives the best exposure to your company, especially if it is new.

Since custom lip balms are everyday use products, the customers or clients feel your thoughtfulness to their small needs.


Sunscreen Lotion

Help protect your customers and employees from the dangers of skin diseases with the giveaway of sun protection sunscreen lotion. The sunscreen lotion featuring SPF 30, recommended by FDA makes an effective promo product to giveaway.

Add your message and logo to the sunscreen lotion packets or bottles and make it a useful giveaway this summer. The personalized sunscreen lotion not only looks good but also nourish and protect the skin of your recipients.

Whether you are planning a company picnic or an outdoor concert, there is no better and useful giveaway than customized sunscreen lotion.

Pick from bottles and sprays—and bear in mind to take advantage of the colorful label to make your logo truly emerge.


Valuables Pouch

Promote your business by giving a useful promotional product like valuables pouch. The valuables pouch makes a great promo product to giveaway in trade shows and other events.

These pouches make a perfect gift and giveaways for events, tournaments and other occasions.

A valuables pouch makes an excellent promo product for employees and customers that can help them to hold cell phone, keys, wallet and other pocket items.

When you give the valuables pouches to your employees and customers, they will use that in daily routine. Moreover, it can carry other goods like lipstick and other, avoiding it melts due to sun rays.


Waterproof Pouch

Keep your valuables dry at the beach or pool with this 100% waterproof travel pouch.

The adjustable lanyard securely fastens the pouch to your wrist or a hanger to add another layer of security


Bimini Wet Swimsuit Bag

Listen—everyone east of the Wicked Witch of the West loves getting in the water at the beach or the pool.
Unfortunately, there comes the time that you need to put your wet swimsuit & towel in your bag.
The anxiety mounts as you stare into the soon-to-be-soaked bag, clutching your wet garments with a frustrated death grip.
Don’t let the inevitable happen—get a branded wet swimsuit bag.
Made of 600D polyester, this simple little bag will keep the wet garments from getting your food or clothes wet.


Summer Electronics

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charger

No matter the location you can count on the High Sierra Lynx to deliver sound and power.

With two four watt audio channels your music can be heard at the top of the mountain or around the pool. Plus it features a 2600 mAh battery to double as a powerbank.

With an IP66 Rating this speaker is dustproof, waterproof, and drop proof.

Includes carabineer clip to attached this speaker to your backpack for your every day adventure.


Solar Fast Wireless Power Bank

The Solar Fast Wireless Power Bank has a rechargeable battery that can work as a wireless charging pad or a regular power bank on the go.

It’s perfect for those that live life on the go – sometimes forgetting their phone battery in the process.

With this summer promo item, there is no chance of that happening. It has a solar panel along with a flashlight and a carabineer clip to attach to any bag.

So, whether its to give out at trade shows or at company picnics, everyone will be vying for this promo item.


Mosquito Repelling Lantern

Keep the pesky bugs away with the Mosquito Repellent Night Lamp. The lamp features a bottom light, a bug zapping light, and a hanging hook.

The both lights are activated by touch on the top of the lamp. The bottom bulb is a bright LED light comparable to a filament bulb.

The blue light in the center surrounded by a safe guard has a special wavelength that attracts insects to the inner grid that shocks them with 2000V of electricity


Mini Fans

Mini fans are one of the most effective summer promotional products during hot summer days.

The battery-operated fans are excellent giveaway items to show employees and customers. These are easy to carry around and whenever your employees use them, they will remind your business or brand with the outfitted logo.

This is a useful gadget for outdoors, especially in hot areas with no electricity. There is a wide assortment of mini fans available to choose from.

Choose the best one that creates an impression of your business and makes your business stands apart.


Summer Drinkware

Water Bottles

Mini fans are one of the most effective summer promotional products during hot summer days.

The battery-operated fans are excellent giveaway items to show employees and customers. These are easy to carry around and whenever your employees use them, they will remind your business or brand with the outfitted logo.

This is a useful gadget for outdoors, especially in hot areas with no electricity. There is a wide assortment of mini fans available to choose from.

Choose the best one that creates an impression of your business and makes your business stands apart.


Celebration Bucket Cooler

The Celebration Bucket Cooler is the ideal way to keep your beverages and snacks on ice for any occasion.

Use it when you are partying indoors at home, barbecuing in the backyard, hanging out on the boat, tailgating on the weekends, picnicking in the park, or taking a trip to the beach.

The Celebration Bucket Cooler has a front pocket to hold small accessories. It comes with an attached bottle opener-you’ll never find out too late that you didn’t pack one!  


Leather/Canvas Beer Caddy

This leather & canvas beer caddy is made with tan 16 ounce washed canvas with brown PU leather trim and finished with an antique nickel rivet in each corner of handle.

We added a canvas removable padded bottom liner to protect glass bottles and absorb condensation.

Inside has canvas dividers to hold six 12 ounce bottles.

Our durable vintage canvas caddy would be great for not only beer bottles but also olive oil, soft drink and hot sauce bottles!


Barnacle Coasters

The Barnacle coaster is a mobile silicone coaster that is convenient, attaches to your drinks, reusable, and actually keeps you dry!

The one size fits most bottles, cups, and glasses and is completely dishwasher safe.

Barnacle coasters feature a patented design that traps condensation, keeping you and your surfaces free from the condensation downpour.


Outdoor Games

Cornhole Game Set

The Custom Solid Wood 2×4 Cornhole is constructed out of premium grade birch veneer plywood and hand finished with a 7-stage sanding and sealing process. The solid 9mm 48″ x 24″ plywood play surface has authentic tournament-grade varnish coatings.

Full Color graphics are applied through a vinyl overlay. Comes with best-matching color bags with the option to upgrade to Custom Cornhole Bags.


Custom Yard Dice

The Victory Tailgate Wooden Yard Dice set provides hours of fun for the entire family with countless games and variations that can be played using the 6 extra-large wooden yard dice.

Each die measures 3.5 “L x 3.5″W x 3.5H and is perfect for indoor or outdoor events, like parties, tailgates and camping trips.


Custom Rope Ring Toss

This Custom Rope Ring Toss Set is a safe, fun toss game that plays like horseshoes with sisal rope rings. Matches are played player against player or in teams of two players each.

The tournament pitching distance is 21 feet between pins but this quoit set can be played at any fun pitching distance.

Points are scored by tossing ringers (3 points) or landing rings on the wood target platform (1 point).


Custom Hook & Ring

The Custom Hook & Ring Toss Game is a modern take on the classic island hook & ring game. Easy to set up but difficult to master, this game will have you and your friends competing in the sunshine for hours. Like playing darts with a pendulum, it’s all about skill, luck, and fun.

Made from a beautifully designed all-wood target finished with a walnut veneer, this game will stick around to create a lifetime of memories and rivalries alike.


Custom Jenga Game

Our most popular and Largest GIANT Tower, includes 54 solid pine wood game pieces that provides 18 vertical rows of Customize with a logo, design or wordmark.

Each block gets laser engraved on one side for the listed price. This set can be enjoyed at any outdoor or indoor party and is awesome for any group event.

Each wooden block measures 9 inches x 3 inches x 1.5 inches and the Tower Size is 9 inches x 9 inches x 27 inches. Plays up to over 5 feet tall (before tumbling).


Vegas Golf Game

Vegas Golf is an “On The Course Gambling Game” that is fun and easy for all levels of golfers from beginners to experts.

Vegas Golf is the ideal golf premium for your next golf outing! Vegas Golf is an item that is used over and over again.

And your logo is seen the whole summer.

The Original Game Now Includes: 9 Real Casino style Chips, Velvet Chip Pouch, Gift Box and Instructions.


Outdoor Games

Grill Master 3pc Bamboo BBQ Set

Grill out in style with this 3-piece premium BBQ set. Bamboo case is both functional and decorative.

Tools are full size, durable stainless steel with bamboo handles.


5-in-1 Folding BBQ Tool

This handy 5-in-1 BBQ tool is your go-to, compact all-in-one grilling tool!

With a spatula, fork, basting brush, bottle, opener, & cork screw in one swiss army-style assembly, you’ll have everything you need in reach. The spatula conveniently detaches for easy use.



This clever bag can easily convert into three different sizes! Made with 600D Oxford polyester and 210D polyester and lined with foam-lined EVA interior liner this cooler is sure to keep your food cold in every one of three forms it can take.
Our 3-in-1 cooler also features a zippered closure, a zippered front pocket, and a complete instructions tag inside.


Oversized Folding Chair (500lb Capacity)

This extra-wide, extra-strong folding chair is ideal for a long day on the sidelines or enjoying a drink by the grill.

With an extra sturdy steel frame and durable 600D fabric this chair has a loading weight limit of 500 lbs.

This XL chair had two mesh cup holders and folds compactly for easy transporting and storage in the included carry bag.


Game Day Folding Table

Celebrate your next tailgate or picnic with this folding round table!

Or prominently display your logo at a tradeshow or company event while entertaining your guests.

The table is light-weight and easy to transport and assemble/disassemble. Features a sturdy steel frame, durable 28.5″ diameter 600D table top, and four (4) integrated mesh cup holders.

Table-top height is 23.5″ off the ground.


Folding Chair with Travel Bag

Remember that family party when your Uncle Rick pulled out those plastic & metal folding chairs for you?

It’s a shame people don’t like living in the fear of their chairs collapsing on them like giant-sized bear traps, or those would be awesome!

“If only there could be a better way,” you remark as you somberly look out a rainy window.

Enter: the folding chair w/ travel bag (immediately, the sun breaks through the clouds & the rain disappears).

Able to breakdown into a 14x4x4” bundle of comfort & joy, this outdoor chair is perfect for any event that needs to blend comfort with the versatility to store and ship easily.


Our Hottest Summer Promo Products in 2021

What's the Point of Giving Away Summer Promo Products?

Promotional products can bring shoppers to your business in a practical and cost-effective manner. These giveaways bring instant brand acknowledgment.

You can extend the scope of your items or services among a bigger group of people. These things are additionally magnificent for building a strong client base and driving client loyalty.

Summer brings individuals outside and in substantial assemblages, making it a perfect season to promote your image or services to the majority.

From flyer circles and inflatable balls to would coolers be able to and sunglasses, there is no doubt that any of these things used as a giveaway can make your campaign a hit.