45+ Examples of Welcome Kits for New Employees

If you want to see a collection of the best welcome kits for employees, then you’ll LOVE this page.

Welcome kits have been proven to be the best thing that can transform the first day of a new hire.

Would a new employee rather get a welcome email, an obviously-forced round of applause, or a welcome kit?

There isn’t much of an argument.

Freebies or welcome kits are not only a fun way to welcome new hire, but also connect employees with the project they’re working on.

Welcome kits for your new employees should be something that represents the mission, vision, and values of the company.

There are a number of big names that offer amazing welcome kits to their new business family members, but if you think creatively, welcome kits are very accessible.

If you are looking for some great ideas, then here is the list of 30+ welcome kits of popular brands that make a great company swag for new employees.


1. Cactus

Denver advertising agency ‘Cactus’ welcomes its new employees with a kit that includes branded items like a custom t-shirt, a pen, USB and a beautiful book, which outlines the history, culture, and values of the company.

The company uses a custom copper letterpress to personalize the welcome letter, which can be transformed as a nameplate later on.


2. Braintree

Based in Chicago, Braintree is a division of PayPal that specializes in web and mobile payments for numerous e-commerce company.

They welcome its new hires with a swag kit which includes a matte-black customized t-shirt, a hoodie, a water bottle, a backpack, and a diary.


3. Havas Worldwide Chicago

Havas Worldwide Chicago is a fully integrated global advertising company that welcomes its new hire with a swag bag, on-boarding theatre with a neon Havas logo, along with leather bucket seats.

Interestingly, the company plays a video for its new employees to show them their culture and how they have fun while working.


4. DDB San Francisco

DDB is one of the leading advertising agencies in San Francisco that sends a special town car to pick up the new hire on the first day.

To make the first day of work even more special, they welcome their new hires with a hoodie, beautiful fresh flowers, and a water bottle.

Moreover, every employee gets a gift card to a local coffee shop so they have a reason to get to know that some of their new teammates.


5. Interad

Interad has been delivering the best in class digital solutions for their clients since 1995. As Canada’s most experienced digital boutique agency, they offer a full range of services to guarentee that their clients get modern and tailored solutions.

Interad’s new hires are provided all they need to create, maintain organization and become acquainted with the Interad brand in their welcome kit. Included in the kit is pencils, a journal, buttons, stickers and a papertoy astronaut that the new hires can build.


6. Content Park

Content Park is a complete content-based company that offers high-quality content to top brands.

The agency offers a top-secret new hire welcome kit which includes hero chest tees, a set of business cards, business card holder, customized coffee, a secret action figure, and a fitness tracker.


7. Dropbox

Dropbox, a file hosting service, welcomes their employees in a classic, yet smart way.

New employees are welcomed with a journal, pen, laptop decals, camp mug, coffee and a handwritten welcome note at their new desk.


8. First Born

FirstBorn is a design and innovation company that sends a postcard to welcome its new hires in advance.

The postcard is linked with a map that includes activities as well as nearby restaurants in the Downtown Manhattan area.

On the first day, new hire receives a t-shirt, a hoodie, a winter cap and a hat.

When the new hire makes it through the first week, they will get a bottle of whiskey.

  • Postcard


9. Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather, one of the leading Advertising and PR brands, gives a beautiful red colored welcome box to its new hire.

Known as “Induction Box” the welcome box offers a short book by David Ogilvy’s “ The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness and his popular eight habits.

Other than the A5 Red note short book, it includes a metal slinky, USB, and a yellow pencil.


10. Percolate

Percolate is a marketing technology company that gets recognition for its whole on-boarding program. So there’s no wonder that their welcome kit is unique and attractive.

To welcome their hire in a special way, they send a welcome kit to their employees which include a tote bag, granola, a t-shirt, mug, welcome handwritten letter and a Kindle.

On the first day, a new hire receives a mousepad, stickers, notebooks etc.—all in the signature bold color of the brand.


11. YourStudio

YourStudio is a creative, award-winning agency working with clients in sectors like workspace, hospitality, and retail. Their way to welcome their new employees is quite unique.

On the first day, the employee receives a unique kit consists of a seedling in a personalized pot.

The pot has an RFID Tag in it that’s linked to a digital toolset along with some goal tracking, inspirational articles, contact information and communication details.


12. Tap Portugal

The welcome kit of Tap Portugal, an airline carrier, is pretty simple. The only thing makes it sets apart from other is its aesthetics by Studio Fluor.

All the components in the kit are adorned with the company’s theme color.

The kit includes pencil, pen, notebook, lanyard, a balloon inspired motif and a welcome letter from the president of the company.

This kit is very simple, yet effective.


13. FanDuel

FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports company that specializes in MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL leagues.

As a new hire in FanDuel, you’ll receive a MacBook, notepads, two hoodies, other Apple stuff, and office supplies.

They also make sure to connect the new hire with all the products of the company.


14. Uber

Uber is a well-known ride sharing, transportation, and food delivery company based in San Francisco, CA.

The company gives its new hires a baseball cap, black mug, notepad, and tote bag on the first day.

For their new drivers, the company sends cool care package which includes Uber driver guide, iPhone, a small welcome card, and a small accessory kit.



15. Ferrero

Other than offering mouth-watering sweets and chocolates, the popular chocolate and confectionery company.

‘Ferrero’ welcomes its new employees with a notepad, a ball-point pen, a welcome letter, and a whole box of tempting Ferrero sweets such as kinder joy, tic tac, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and more.

Tempting. Isn’t it?


16. PepsiCo

PepsiCo, the manufacturer of Gatorade, Tropicana, Quaker Oats, and Pepsi Cola give its new employees a branded mug, a t-shirt and a basket full of beverages and chips.

If you are concerned about gaining extra weight: the company cares for its employees and thus provide a fitness band.

  • Basket
  • Soda
  • Chips
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Snacks
  • Business Card


17. Facebook

Facebook has made interacting with people around the world easy! Indeed, there is a team of experts behind it who manages Facebook, and makes it a great platform for everyone.

The American online social media service company welcomes its new hires with an on-boarding kit which includes Moleskin notebook and a stylish t-shirt.

  • Moleskin Notebook
  • MacBook
  • Mouse
  • T-Shirt
  • Booklet
  • Name Plaque


18. Social Chain

The globally-recognized social media marketing company greets its new employees with a bottle of Bacardi.

Yes, you read it right—Bacardi.

Along with it, the new hire will receive a kit including some stationary, a social media bible, and a hoodie.

  • Hoodie
  • Alcohol
  • MacBook
  • Social Media Bible
  • Pen
  • Welcome Box
  • Booklet


19. IBM

IBM is a world-class multinational technology company in the USA with its operations in more than 170 countries.

This multinational company is very serious when it comes to its on-boarding process.

Luckily, if you get hired, you will receive a thermal mug, a shaker, a mug, a baseball cap, a notebook, a USB Flash drive, numerous pens, and a backpack..


20. eBay

If you are a shopping enthusiastic, then obviously you must have heard about a popular e-commerce platform ‘eBay.’

When you join it as an employee, you will receive a number of freebies like a corporate tote bag, a welcome letter, a soothing toy soccer ball, a shaker, stationary, and a notebook.


21. Twitter

Twitter has become the buzz in the world of online news and social networking services.

The social media giant welcomes its new employees with open hands, offering them freebies like a t-shirt, bottle of wine, a notebook, and a tote bag.

  • Bottle of Wine
  • Tote Bag
  • T-Shirt
  • Notebook


22. McGarrah Jessee

Simple yet sophisticated! Outside Magazine named McGarrah Jessee as one of the leading American agencies for employment in 2015.

The welcome kit provided by the company to its members is quite creative.

The agency designed small cute cards with crucial information on it so the new hire could understand the working culture and feel comfortable with the environment.

  • Welcome Letter


23. Kikki.k

This golden kit will definitely make you feel wow!

Kikki.k is an online shop that offers a classy yet elegant stationery kit to its employees.

The acrylic box offers a transparent view letting you see what’s inside the box while restricting objects from falling.

  • Acrylic Box
  • Notecards
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Clips


24. TH_NK

TH_NK is a leading digital transformation agency that provides a “buddy” for their new hire who introduces them to the entire team, and also them takes out for lunch.

The agency also offers a creative yet useful welcome kit for new hire which includes personalized welcome sign on the desk, Moleskine notebook, a mug with agency’s logo, and an Amazon Kindle with complete access to an unlimited library of Amazon books and access to the TH_NK library.


25. 360i

360i is a Dentsu Aegis digital agency based out of New York City.

The company gives its new employees an “agile working pack”– something essential, as there is 30 less fixed desks than employees!


26. Randstad

Randstad has earned its name as one of the leading HR and recruitment service providers in the world.

Based in NYC, the company goes above and beyond while offering a welcome kit to its new employees.

A few catchy freebies are placed on the desk of the new hire.

They giveaway a shaker, a funny foam finger, a thermal mug, a mug, sunglasses, an umbrella, a docking station, a baseball cap, stationary, and a t-shirt.


27. J. Walter Thompson

One of the world’s best-known marketing communication brands J. Walter Thompson offers its new hire a personalized mug, postcard with the cultural values of the agency, jar of sweets, usual water bottles and hoodies.

To make the welcome more tech-oriented, their talent department came up with a new app called “OnBoard Express,” in which they allow employees to discover more about their brand, executives, and history.


28. digitalDigm

The Korean mid-sized digital company has a creative way to greet its new employee.

Their welcome kit is a model of their office building. When they open it, they will read six interesting stories in a brochure about the company.

Along with it, they will receive an ID card to the main entrance of the building and LED boards to greet them with a ‘Hello.’


29. One Method

One Method is a creative studio based in Toronto. The creativity of the studio can be seen on their website.

Their lab-themed welcome kit has items that represent the community and culture of their studio to new hires.

The kit is equipped with 8 items related to the company. It includes a notebook, some pens, Kool-aid to drink, petri dish (sample of OM culture), 26-page lab manual, shot glass, spray paint, and a small packet of rock candy.


30. Google

Keen to know what Google gives to its employees on their first day?

Working in Google is a dream of every IT professional, but only a few lucky get access to the physical world of Google.

On the very first day, they give them colorful hats that say “Noogler” (i.e. ‘New Googler’). In this tradition, the new hire needs to wear a cool hat to their first Friday in all staff meetings.


31. Apple

According to the book by Adam Lashinsky, Apple, the American Multinational tech company offers a brand new iMac to its employees to set-up by themselves.

After setting up their PC and iMac, they have to get through an orientation where they will receive a brand new “Class of” t-shirt with a print of year they joined the firm.


32. Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa is a creative design studio in NYC. Sub Rosa means “under the rose” in Latin.

The way they welcome new employees is really creative.

They offer a Moleskine notebook, Pantone color of the year mug, and design pens. All the products in the kit have Sub Rosa branded on them.


33. Saatchi and Saatchi

The health and wellness agency, Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness offers a giveaway bag to its new employees.

According to their global chief creative head, it has everything employee needs: water bottles, notebooks, and a coloring book with local hot sports near the workplace.

This idea is quite new, and was taken from team members who are asked roam around to the neighborhood.


34. Lisa Dino

Lisa Dino, a Brisbane based designer, promotes her services and welcomes her new employees with a cute set that includs a sketchbook, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser.

  • Sketchbook
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser


35. Nike

Since 1964, Nike has been at the top of manufacturing athletic clothes, shoes and equipment. This is the classy and memorable kit presented to one of the new hires joining the 73,000 people employed at Nike.

  • Cup
  • Calendar
  • Headphones
  • Pin


36. Mono

A minneapolis agency, Mono, welcomes its employees simply, yet seriously. The directory of talent at Mono, Julie Vessel, says that “From Day One, we want people to know that Mono isn’t just the place they work at.

It’s the place that they are here to help grow and improve.” New employees are asked to write “mono vows” about their goals and what the job means to them

  • Welcome book
  • Personalized happy hour


37. Aktana

100+ brands are supported and helped to exploit on data investments, increase productivity, and enhance campaign performance by Aktana, a software company. This platform uses artificial intelligence to help healthcare professionals and sales and marketing teams coordinate and optimize multichannel engagement.

Their helpful welcome kit is presented in a sleek wooden box, with beautifully branded high-quality headphones, a leather-bound journal, and a vacuum-insulated S’well bottle.

  • headphones
  • journal
  • water bottle


38. Log.Ed

This is a great, simple welcome kit out of Milan, Italy.
The box is made out of kraft corrugate, with the promo included being a branded notebook, a custom pen, stickers, & an access badge.
Both the notebook & the box itself have a slick belly band with a simple pattern imprint.


39. Canon

Canon, a company specialising in manufacturing imaging and optical products, welcomes members of the CPS program with a package full of photography goodies.
New members receive a camera strap, lens cap, a EF lens work book, clean and check cards, as well as several exclusive discounts and other membership benefits.


40. Guild

Guild designs and builds experiences for premium brands. It’s 250+ employees are comprised of designers, producers, painters, carpenters, and any other position essential for designing and building all creative assets on site.
As a business with a role that’s so creative and innovative, it is no surprise that Guild’s welcome kit is as contemporary as it is thoughtful.
The handmade birchwood box is full of things to help new Guilders feel at home, like a coffee mug, two pencils, a tape measure, a key fob, a USB jumpdrive including all the HR information, maps of the campus, digital copies of new hire paperwork, and tips on the best food in the neighborhood, and a Guild t-shirt.


41. Element Three

E3 is a marketing agency from Indianapolis that has invested a ton of time and money into perfecting the onboarding experience.

As a result, they have an awesome welcome kit. Each box includes swag, information and a personal “mission”. 

Included in this is an Element Three waterbottle, a t-shirt with the acronym of their core values, a few field notebooks with the core values, branded pencils, a key to the office, a personal welcome message from their president, a map of the office (that includes who sits where and local restaurants), a smile, & a four week mission task list to be completed with their Element 3 mentor (which helps them get fully accustomed with the business).


43. Essence

Imagine a firm that provides a welcome kit to its employees based on the season they join!

Essence wants its new employees to feel comfortable on their very first day.

To make them feel at home they offer them a kit of freebies which include a swag bag with lots of seasonal goodies.

For winters, they offer welcome kits with S’well bottles and branded blankets and for summer joined, they offer sunglasses, a water bottle, and a drawstring backpack.

They also provide free lunches for the first week and guide them with the local jargons and hot spots.


43. Coinbase

Coinbase is all about making digital currency easier; whether it involves buying, selling, transferring, storing and even converting your online money to your local currency.

Another thing they strive to make easier is becoming part of their team. Coinbase’s welcome kit has everything a new employee could need, including Hoodie, socks, t-shirt, tumbler, journal, bookmark, charger, charging cable, pen, and laptop decals.


So Why Use Welcome Kits for Employees?

Today, every brand is competing with each other and wants to stand apart in the crowd.

Welcome kits for new employees are a great way for companies and brands to put their best foot ahead, welcoming new employees in a more effective way.

Remember: your company’s impression on employees on their first stay decides what they think about your business.

It’s also a great way to keep your employees productive, comfortable, and motivated.

Which idea you are going to opt for your next welcome kits?