15 Great Promotional Tech Giveaway Items

Tech gifts are fun and everyone loves to receive them. Attend your next tradeshow or event with the perfect promotional tech gifts to hand out. Tech accessories are used every day in the average employee’s work day.

Why not help enhance their tech products by providing them with cutting edge promotional tech items. Here’s a list of some suggestions for a wide variety of promotional tech items.


Stylus Pen

A Stylus Pen is an electronically controlled device that allows users to write directly on screens. Start your note taking by writing on a tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Typically these stylus pens are wireless and can be taken on the go. There are different types of stylus pens such as, capacitive pens, active pens, and positional pens. Each pen has different attributes that make it multifunctional.

Touchscreen devices are transformed with the use of a stylus pen. This promotional tech gift is ideal for any business event.


Workout Ear Buds

People can get super into working out during their lunch break, or just working out in general Enhance their experience with an excellent pair of Ear Buds. Specifically tailored for working out, these ear buds are designed to have sweat protecting technology and water resistance. The target audience for this gift is larger than you’d think.

Workout Ear Buds can be customized and styled into different shapes, depending on your preference. Small and compact this item can be carried and given out on the go. Because of how easily transportable ear buds are, the options for where and how to give them out are endless.

Your client or employee will appreciate having a pair of ear buds that they can take anywhere with them.


Wireless Headphones

Listening to music is pretty much a daily task for most people. Which means that everyone needs headphones. So why not help give people the essentials they use on a daily basis? Receiving a pair of high quality wireless headphones is perfect, because let’s be honest you can never have too many pairs.

Especially for the average working person, nowadays most companies let employees listen to music during their day. Headphones are an essential to have at work and at home. This promotional tech piece can be customized and made into an awesome giveaway item.

Some people need multiple pairs because of how many places they need to take headphones. Having a work pair of Wireless Headphones is perfect, because now employees won’t have to worry about forgetting their own pair in the morning.


Custom Phone Holder

With the help of non-slip technology phone stands are perfect for holding your phone in place. Able to be easily branded this item holds your mobile device allowing for optimal usage. This promotional tech piece displays any logo or slogan with the utmost clarity.

Phone Stands are popular because of how practical they are. Able to hold your phone while it charges, receives messages, or displays information for you. A phone stand is a classic gift to give to any working professional. Otherwise referred to as a power bank, the custom phone holder can function as a phone pocket for everyday use.

Here’s another phone holder that mounts your phone for easy viewing in the car.


Custom Charging Cables

Charging Cables have always been an item that everybody needs. Technology loses battery life, it happens. However, don’t be that person stuck without any battery life.

By always carrying extra charging cables the fear of low battery is all but eliminated. This promotional tech item is a practical choice that is sure to have clients and employees excited.


Flash Drives

Everybody needs flash drives, honestly you can never own too many. Flash drives are an excellent tech giveaway that can be branded and used as a promotional product.

Plus if you choose to brand the item then every time they look at the flash drive they’ll be reminded of your company. An excellent way to stay relevant in people’s minds.

Flash drives come in all shapes and sizes. Make your promotional tech item fun by customizing the flash drive to look like an airplane or a fan. Often, there are options available to make flash drives multifunctional. Sometimes they can double as a flash drive and a charging cable. The options are limitless and completely customizable.



Looking for items that fit and will attract a younger crowd? Try PopSockets or Phone Pockets. PopSockets are tech accessories that get placed on the back of mobile devices. These clever devices allow for a firm grip on a mobile device, and also enable it to stand propped up horizontally. These promotional pieces are ideal for any giveaway or event.

Similar to the PopSocket is the phone sleeve. These two items go hand and hang with one another. Looking for items that fit and will attract a younger crowd?


Portable Chargers

If you’re looking for an awesome giveaway that everyone will be reaching for, then the portable charger is the right gift for you. In today’s fast-paced world everybody is always on the move and using their laptop or smartphone. More often than not, these devices run out of battery, quicker than most of us would like.

The solution is to have a portable charger! Problem solved, no longer will people have to suffer from low battery notifications. Portable chargers allow users to stay on the move while still using their phone, even as it charges.

The benefits to a portable charger are long and rewarding. When thinking of the branding possibilities, now that’s another long topic entirely. Without diving too far into the branding aspect portable chargers can be plastered with practically any logo or can be bought in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. The ideal promotional tech gift for almost any occasion.

We have many power banks and portable chargers that you can choose from. View them herehere, and here.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

One of the easiest products to brand and make into a promotional product, the portable Bluetooth speaker is another essential that most people have or want. A Bluetooth speaker is perfect for connecting your music and wirelessly listening to music for hours.

Have a barbeque or outdoor event that will need sufficient music? The portable Bluetooth speaker will provide an excellent companion for playing music. Perfect for carrying around and popping out whenever music is needed.

Here’s Inspire’s great selection of Bluetooth speakers.


Custom Speakers

Long and sleek custom speakers enabled a user to listen to music out loud. With incredible surround sound. Custom speakers are a perfect gift that will get anyone excited.

Speakers have so many uses, listen to music, broadcast a podcast, or even leave it in a boardroom for those who call it. Hook up the speaker and never struggle with hearing someone again. Custom Speakers are a promotional tech item that enable any user to have accessibility to sound.


Multi Charging Cables

While a single charging cable is great. Multiple charging cables allow for a user to be completely plugged in. Never worry or fear about losing power when you have multiple charging cables.

These promotional tech pieces usually come on a strip with roughly five charging ports on them. Your own personal charging hotspot! No more airport hustle to find a seat close to a charging station. With a Multi Charging Cable piece everything can stay plugged in at once.


Selfie Sticks

One of the most popular tech accessories nowadays. The Selfie stick is perfect at events where you want to take a group picture. Just attach your phone into the end of the Selfie stick then proceed to raise the stick and take a picture.

Gaining momentum among popular promotional pieces the Selfie stick can have a logo appear on the back or around the pole that holds the phone. Go ahead, take a group picture and post it to LinkedIn or any other social media platform.

The Selfie stick can be incredibly fun and engaging at group events. Extremely beneficial to any business looking to get a little promotion in during a trade show or convention.


Wireless Phone Charger

One of the most up and coming technological devices available on the market. The wireless phone charger is a portable disk that you can place your phone on to charge.

Dependent upon the brand of phone a user has, this phone charger is sleek and ideal for anyone fed up with charging cables. The wireless charger allows for the phone to be placed down on the disk and charged, cable free.


USB Flash Drive Bracelet

Flash drives are great, but often small enough that people often lose them. The Bracelet USB Drive is an interesting gift for people who are constantly on the go. The files are easily accessible and within reach at all times. Don’t waste time digging in a bag trying to find a USB.

Attach this bracelet to your arm and sprint off to your next destination. Presenting at a convention or trade show, stop worrying about losing your flash drive. By having the USB Flash Drive Bracelet your presentation remains safe on your wrist. This gift is also excellent for the average college student who needs something printed on the go.



Fitness Trackers

Fitting for any company with a fitness plan (most companies have one nowadays). Fitness Trackers range in price, size, shape, and ability. Leaving the door open for a multitude of customization and personalization choices. Offered in a variety of brands a fitness tracker is a spectacular gift to receive.

Anyone would be excited to get a fitness tracker. People would remember your gift even more if the fitness tracker was brand specific. It is important to consider brands and the type of fitness tracker you want to hand out.

Popular brands such as Fitbit can be an excellent brand to go with, their trackers come in a variety of styles and offer a range of abilities. Decide what works best for you and your goals, then proceed from there.

Here’s a great promotional fitness tracker we offer.


So Why Use Welcome Kits for Employees?

Today, every brand is competing with each other and wants to stand apart in the crowd.

Welcome kits for new employees are a great way for companies and brands to put their best foot ahead, welcoming new employees in a more effective way.

Remember: your company’s impression on employees on their first stay decides what they think about your business.

It’s also a great way to keep your employees productive, comfortable, and motivated.

Which idea you are going to opt for your next welcome kits?


15 Great Promotional Tech Giveaway Items