11 Retail Gift Sets With Promotional Products

11 Retail Gift Sets With Promotional Products

When we talk about gift sets, we often look for the cleverest way to highlight the product bringing the higher revenue to the company. However, it is not the most popular promo driving a higher impact on brand awareness campaigns, but promotional products offered in limited time.

Customers are attracted to unique opportunities to acquire original promotional products. They often keep it around for years and rarely trash it—unless they don’t find it useful.

Gift sets including promotional products are a magnet for high ROI – and these famous brands were wide aware of this fact. Take a look at their exclusive gift boxes and the goods offered to boost sales and generate impact.


1. Corona Candy Gift Set

It is well-known that Corona drinkers get their beer with a piece of lime inside. For that reason, they designed a charming, 100% on-brand box with a lime-shaped custom bottle opener and sweet/sour candies to add to the summer drink.

The box has more than a year of lifespan, which is perfect for customers to store other goods while featuring Corona in their own places.

  • Custom Bottle Opener
  • Sweet & Sour Candy with custom packaging


2. Handsome Coffee Mugs

Mugs are all-time perfect presents for people to keep in their offices and homes. The message in the coffee cup isn’t anything overtly smart, but only relatable to the brand.

Handmade and Damn Handsome coffee brewers designed a pure and simple wooden box. The contents of the box include two coffee cups with mainstream symbols. They added a personal drip with filter replacement to brew your coffee.

  • Branded Coffee Cups
  • Bag of Coffee
  • Filters
  • Portable Coffee Maker


3. Casa China Tea Set

If promoting tea is your final goal, there are a few places in the world that have tea a part of the culture like China. This tea gift box comes with colorful lotto trees illustration, a custom coffee cup, a ball mesh, & tea.

  • Custom Coffee Mug
  • Branded Tea Container
  • Miniature Disco Ball


4. Elegant Pen Punch

A classy pen needs a high-quality pen punch to keep it shiny. Waterman Luxury Pens beautifully created gift sets for their pens so the presentation has equally great elegance as their pens. The set comes with a notepad blind debossed with their logo.

  • Custom Pen
  • Watermarked Notepad


5. Johnsonville Seasonal Box

Christmas is synonym of sharing mouth-watering delicatessen. For that end, Johnsonville added an engraved bamboo cutting board to their seasonal gift box.

In addition to the variety of cheeses, crackers, and sausages, they added engraved cutlery in the set.

  • Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Engraved Cartoucherie Cutlery


6. Goldwasser Gift Set

Another example of engraved cutlery is this beautiful golden box made by the world-famous vodka brand, Goldwasser.

They added two beautiful glasses with classic designs to their gift set. Both glasses have a nice imprint of their logo, branded in gold foil.

  • Custom Premium Glasses


7. Innamorata Gift Set

There is no classier way to promote an alcoholic beverage in a matchbox than the winning combo designed by Innamorata.

They made a dark wooden brown box with chocolate, a cigar, a small bottle, and a custom matchbox. After all, cigar enthusiasts know the only way to light them up is with timber-made matches.

  • Custom Matchbox
  • Branded Chocolate
  • Cigar


8. Spa Gift Set

This set is a full spa kit with 4 different sizes, a handbook, ambiance music, and an engraved ladle. This gift set is ideal for anyone looking to practice some serious relaxation time.

  • Engraved Ladle


9. Traveler’s Journal

This kit is made for adventurous souls looking for a cool way to record their trips, pass time, carry their valuables and share with others.

The gift set incorporates a rustic wooden box and inside a canvas tote, custom trading cards, a diecut wooden token, and a notebook—all in one.

  • Canvas Tote
  • Custom Trading Cards
  • Diecut Wooden Token
  • Custom Notebook with bellyband


10. Jameson Whiskey Gift Set

This Jameson Black Barrel edition gift set includes an embedded custom zippo and a small pocket moleskine. The additional promo products are sheltered with a black wooden box with carved symbols with the name of the whiskey house.

  • Custom-engraved Zippo
  • Custom Moleskine Journal


11. Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

This kit is every bit a contemporary version of a captain’s chest, with black woodgrain on the outside, and rum in the inside.

Nestled next to the special bottle of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is some other awesome goodies including a flask, a booklet explaning the legend of Captain Morgan, and whiskey stones