Guaranteed Rate Closing Kits

Inspire helped Guaranteed Rate create a standardized seasonal kit program that would seamlessly integrate with Guaranteed Rate’s workflows. The program provides their customers an exception, relevant thank you gift for doing business, with the goal of generating a referral or refinancing business.



Closing Kits Distributed (and counting)


Standardized Closing Kits

Guaranteed Rate came to us with a problem: how to standardize mortgage closing kits, but make them easy to buy & distribute.

We started the project just like any—collaborate strategically with the client to find relevant products.

The kits were prototyped with Guaranteed Rate & made ready for fulfillment.


Ordering & Customization

Orders are downloaded from Guaranteed Rate’s mortgage processing software, and filtered by previous month closings & over a specified closing amount to ensure ROI.

A personalized note was added, with Loan Officer & Guaranteed Rate branding.


Fulfillment & Distribution

Inspire picks, packs, and sends each batch of kits every month—typically in the range of 500-1000 kits each month.

Each kit is tracked & follows an automated order notification process.

Shipping is billed to Guaranteed Rate’s shipping account, per their preference.

Guaranteed Rate receives one invoice broken down to each recipient.


Automatic Seasonal Replenishments

We’ve setup the store with rotating seasonal themes with products relevant to each time of the year.

Inspire meets with Guaranteed Rate quarterly to discuss their satisfaction with the kit program, if they’d like to change the contents, and a wide variety of ways.

Any additional feedback & action items are executed by Inspire’s operations team.


About Guaranteed Rate

Guaranteed Rate is a mortgage lender with all the right tools, advice, and financing to make that dream a reality. The mortgage lender is a company with a soul, a team of individuals connected by a camaraderie unique in the business. For those who believe in their dream of a new home, Guaranteed Rate is a mortgage lender with all the right tools, advice, and financing to make that dream a reality. Home office, backyard, more space, better view—whatever you’re striving for, Guaranteed Rate can make it happen.


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