Diverzify Annual Sales Meeting

As a leading flooring company, Diverzify needed a simple way to incentivize & award their attendees at their annual sales meeting. The Diverzify team leaned on Inspire to resolve the strategic, production, and logistical challenges that came with helping to build a successful event.


Different items produced, 

combined into kits, and 

distributed to the event


Diverzify is a construction company located in Itasca, Illinois that focuses on commercial construction flooring projects of all sizes. Diverzify has projects in nearly every type of facility and space, including luxury hospitality and gaming, healthcare offices and medical centers, educational centers, corporate offices, government and municipal facilities, large venue and exhibit spaces, technology centers and data storage farms, and specialty sports and recreational centers.

Diverzify has an enormous sales team to manage & develop their projects, and incentivizes their sales team with Diverzify’s annual sales event.


No Ordinary Event

Unlike typical construction organizations, Diverzify has created a specific event to show its appreciation to its large sales team.

Organizing attendee gifts for sales people from Diverzify’s eight primary locations & twelve affiliate branches is no easy task.

The gifts needed to be premium, relevant, and—most importantly—appreciated by all attendees, regardless of sales achievement.


Marketing’s Hidden Involvement

The sales executives in Diverzify wanted to make sure the event would go off without a hitch, but given that it was an event, the marketing team needed to make sure there was proper brand control throughout the event.

Similar to the sales team, Diverzify’s marketing team also wanted premium products to reflect the quality of the brand, but they didn’t have time to spare on artwork & product selection—they were focused on building the event.

The Diverzify sales team had relied on Amazon & other retailers for their incentive gifts in the past, which resulted in a missed brand opportunity.


Strategy, Fulfillment, and Distribution: Total Piece of Mind

The Inspire customer success & marketing teams rolled up their sleeves to create different combinations of products that would align with the Diverzify sales meeting’s goals.

After a few meetings of brainstorming & collaboration, Diverzify settled on the product selection.


Nothing is Wasted After the Event

Since Diverzify had a company webstore, they simply sent the remaining kits to Inspire’s distribution warehouse.

Some kits were added in their entirety as inventory, while some were disassembled & the individual components were added as inventory. This allowed Diverzify to see what products work & what doesn’t.

The Diverzify Sales Meeting event strategy & fulfillment gave Diverzify the peace of mind & flexibility they needed to make a quality event flow seamlessly from start to finish.


About Diverzify

Diverzify is a construction company located in Itasca, Illinois that focuses on commercial construction flooring projects of all sizes, and has projects in nearly every type of facility and industry.


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