Barton Malow Gift Cards

As a leading construction company, Barton Malow’s mission is to Build with the American Spirit with a people-first mindset. They needed a simple way to distribute branded apparel, sales gifts, and marketing campaign collateral. By implementing a gift card program into their corporate webstore, Barton Malow was able to streamline their billing & get more of their employees to use their store.




Gift Cards Distributed (and counting)




Barton Malow is a construction company located in Detroit who focuses on large-scale building projects. Barton Malow has construction projects ranging from a diversified selection of industries, such as automotive, power, energy, industrial, infrastructure, healthcare, commercial, K12, higher education, sports, and entertainment.

Because Barton Malow has a huge number of very different projects, they need to balance building sales relationships with empowering & incentivizing their own people.



Sizing up the Logistical Challenge

Barton Malow has an enormous number of employees, as is typical of any large construction company. If Barton Malow’s HR or marketing department would have been tasked to gather sizes, addresses, and billing, they would have needed to hire a standalone employee (or more) to handle the logistics challenges.

Barton Malow needed to sync together human resources, the project managers, and finance in order to make the program run smoothly.

To make the issue even more complex for Barton Malow, there would be peaks and valleys of demand. There needed to be a consistent level of customer service & order fulfillment across all levels of demand.


Syncing Sales with Marketing & Finance

In addition to the internal demand, Barton Malow’s sales force needed to properly service & incentivize their prospect pipeline. The team typically would lean on Amazon, which drove Barton Malow’s branding & finance teams crazy.

Any branding initiative needed to be flexible enough to incentivize the sales team to use the same program so the finance team was happy.


Gift Cards Made Easy & Professionally

Inspire solves the problem of making all of sales, marketing, and human resources happy by bringing all new employee, sales incentive, & holiday gift programs into one simple (for the user) gift card program.

The gift cards are organized categorically for internal reporting, have custom values, and can be used for anything on the Barton Malow webstore.

For new employees, Barton Malow sends Inspire a list of names, emails, and gift card values periodically. Inspire loads the gift cards onto the store, creates a custom gift card design, and sends everything the new user needs to get going.


Seamless User Experience

The user goes on the store, selects their apparel size, branded merchandise, or office collateral, and gets it sent to the address they need. Finance receives a monthly invoice for the program charges.

The same happens for the sales team, but focused more on premium items. The client or prospect receives access to the site with a higher-end pre-loaded gift card balance & limited access to gift-based categories for a better user experience.

Inspire handles everything.


Piece of Mind After the Project is Completed

Any time someone in the company attends selected events, starts with the company, needs holiday gifts (or anything else) gift cards are loaded to the company store to reward them.

The Barton Malow gift card program gives the sales team the ease of use & flexibility they need, the marketing department the brand control, and the finance department a comprehensive billing framework to make every department satisfied.


About Barton Malow

For nearly a century, Barton Malow has been committed to Building with the American Spirit: People, Projects, and Communities. With more than 2,200 team members and 15 offices, Barton Malow’s 100% employee-owned enterprise is on a mission to transform the construction industry through innovation and increased efficiencies in the building process.

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