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Flex Safe

Everyone has been through it before. You’re at the pool, and you want to go swimming. But, you have no clue what to do with your phone and wallet while you’re frolicking in the water. You could ask the random stranger next to you to watch your valuables, but that seems a little risky. You end up just hiding them under your towel.
You quickly regret this move when you return to your towel and discover that your valuables have been stolen. Penniless and in despair, you wander the streets, searching for the criminal.
This could all be avoided with the FlexSafe Portable Travel safe.
The most practical thing since sliced bread, our Travel Safe will keep all of your valuables safe no matter where you are.
This portable travel lock box is cut-resistant and includes RFID blocking material to keep your electronics secure. FlexSafe will lock to any fixed object with a re-programmable lock. Keep your valuables safe and secure while you enjoy your trip.

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