Pop-By Ideas to Generate Referrals & New Business

If there is anything more exciting than getting a gift is getting a surprise gift with a clever message included – that’s why pop-by are thrilling. Pop-by ideas don’t need to overrun creativity or fanciness, with making sure they are appropriate and fun you will get positive results.

As a rule of thumb, a $6 present may be too expensive to give to all your business partners. Yet, for referral sources with a long history working with you, investing a bit more on their gifts may be an excellent way to show them of how valuable they are for your business.

Then, the perfect pop-by idea depends on how much you have been working with that referral source. If you are looking to land new bussiness you may want to have some information about the industry or personal life of the person you want to partner with to make the best out of the gift.

I bet many of your referral sources have kids. Remind them you care about their personal life and loved ones with a back-to-school gift.


2. Just Popping By

There are some presents that are ideal to get new leads from referral sources that you still haven’t engaged completely with. Microwave popcorn is great gift for them to carry home and share with their family.


3. Have a Brilliant Day

For both summer and winter season, the bright colors of the box of sunshine invite your strongest collaborators to enjoy their day. There are business partners that definitely deserve $10 gift so you can add an item that fits the whole family.


4. Real Estate/Insurance/Mortgage is my Jam!

This one never gets old. If you stick to seasonal fruits, you can definitely save plenty of money or perhaps send a bigger jar. In any case, this gift is a perfect choice for potential referral sources.

5. I’m Extra Thankful

If Thanksgiving is around the corner, this is a quick printable card option you can take a look at. Add a simple pack of Extra gum, and you’ll have a great idea for a low cost.

6. Off to a Great Start

This one is good for just after new years – although the repellent may work better during summer. However, the gift is good for referral sources which you are still building relationship with.


7. Great Service is How We Roll

This is also an all-time pop-by idea. You can send the present if there is a while since you get contacted by realtors or if you just closed a new deal thanks to them.


8. Nuts About You

The message is fresh and playful. Nuts are healthy and affordable usually – this is a good present for business partners providing an steady flow of referrals.


9. Looking Forward to Growing Together

Succulents are a small, cheap plant, and serve as a demonstration of gratitude for referral sources & their important role on growing your business.


10. We Value Every Mo-Mint Working Together

This is pop-by idea is wonderful for getting new business because it shows you focus on prioritizing the finances of their clients or even their relationship as a whole. Get a minty flavored dessert or a bunch of candies!


11. This Housing Market is Hot

If you identify a trend on the market of your referral, any grill or spice set is a great pop-by gift reminding them of the hot market is excellent way to compel them to give you a call if you’re working with a new client. 


12. I’m a Seasoned Pro for all Your Real Estate/Mortgage/Insurance Needs

A nice seasoning is always welcome in the kitchen. Similar to the previous pop-by idea, you can also try with spicy sauce and accompanied with a fun message.


13. Red Hot Deal

What’s the cost of a pack of red hots? Easily less than $2.

Attach a catchy tag to the pack, and you have an inexpensive conversation starter.