The Inspire Bill of Rights

At Inspire, we believe that our customers are endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Amazing Service, Certainty in What You’re Buying, the Ability to Freely Tap into Expert Advice, and the Knowledge of What Works and What Doesn’t.

We call these principles The Inspire Bill of Rights.

Our 5 Stage Order Process

For every single order we make at Inspire, the point of contact will receive notifications based on the type of order. For most of our orders, our customers go through each of the five steps, but there are circumstances where contacts won’t go through one or two of the steps

For instance, if an item is purchased off a webstore in bulk they won’t receive a proof (it’s already been produced), or a company may choose to have all invoices go through its finance department.


Isn’t it frustrating when you ask someone to do something, and they don’t say “Ok, I’ll get on that” or “No, I can’t do that”?

You’re met with silence & the assumption that they’ll do what you ask.

For every order, you’ll know we received the information by an automated email saying so. It’s our way of telling you that we’re taking it over from here and you can focus on doing what you do best.


Proof Receipt

A short time after we’ve received your order, we’ll send you a proof receipt.

If you’re ordering a pre-made product with your company’s logo on it (like a batch of pens) from our store, you won’t be receiving a proof. If that same batch of pens has your name instant-proofed on it, you’ll get this receipt.

This typically contains your art placed on a product mockup or a similarly-colored background. This is especially important for apparel, where your imprint may be black or a similar darker color on a darker color garment.

Also included in this report is the imprint method, size, and the product(s) we’re imprinting on.

Pay special attention to this, as we’re off to production with your art after you approve!


Ship Date Confirmation

As soon as the product has been made, it’s either moved to our warehouse & made ready for shipping or shipped directly to where you want it to go.

Either way, the second we prepare it for shipping, we’ll send you a ship date confirmation telling you it’s right on track.

Tracking Numbers Sent

When we get your products ready & generate the shipping labels, we instantly generate a tracking number & send it to you.

When you click that tracking number, you’ll get sent to the shipper site (FedEx, UPS, or DHL) where you can see exactly where it is in transit.


Invoice Sent

The final part of our automated order process, we send you or your finance staff an invoice.

We never send this until your order has been delivered in full. This is triggered when our shipping partners tell us it’s been delivered—and never before then.


24 Hour Response Time

Part of our commitment to Silver Platter service is lightning-fast response time.

Some projects are more time-intensive than others, so while we may not have an answer to your question or inquiry within those 24 hours, we will constantly update you until we do.

Idea Guild

The Idea Guild is to Inspire what Prime is to Amazon, except there is no monthly fee.

Every month, we send a hand-picked group of our best partners a small, newer product that we think is interesting & useful (because we all know there are promo out there that isn’t interesting or useful).

That’s it. There is no sales pitch. We want to give you something because you’ve given us a great relationship.

Birthday Program

No one loves your birthday more than you do, and we want to make that time of the year extra-special for you.

If you’re signed up for our birthday program, we’ll send you a little box of sweets to make your birthday just a little bit better.

That’s it!

If you’d like to sign up for our birthday program, simply go here. It’s free!

Free Samples

When you’re spending thousands of dollars, certainty is incredibly important.

We’re so sure of our product that we’ll send you samples before you even place the order. Free.

Free Product Mockups

Logos are very finicky. One logo may look good at one particular size, while another will look horrible.

The same goes for color: you don’t know if your logo is best at full color, black, or white on that particularly-colored garment (and if it’s striped…don’t even get me started).

If you have a good idea of what product(s) you’re looking to order, but want to be certain that your imprint will come through before ordering, our design team will mockup your brand on any product—(again) free.

Free Consulting

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you have a great campaign concept, but you’re not sure how it’ll look, how it’ll work, and how much it’ll cost.

On top of that, you’re not really sure where to start.

Our design & strategy team will put in the work to get your idea off the ground floor. You may think our ideas don’t sync exactly with where you’re going, but we’ll put you in a position to know exactly where your campaign is headed.

Quarterly Business Reporting

Your partnership with Inspire is a very important one, but how do you know if you’re getting a proper return on your investment?

Every quarter we’ll take a holistic review of your account, looking at where your spend is, who are the biggest buyers, what products are the most-popular, and what products fall short.

With QBRs, you’ll know exactly where you’re getting the most bang for your buck.