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Moss Packaging

This packaging, created for a domed moss plant company, possess both a quirky exterior as well as an eco-friendly material. The exterior packaging is explosive in nature with its use of complimentary color schemes, silver and gold foil stamping, and multiple different fonts to generate the maximum interest from the customer viewing it. Using 70% recycled material for their brands packaging, Moss has achieved its goal of highlighting nature and its importance to even the busiest city person and giving them a little piece of it to enjoy.

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Take a look at this brand identity created by a team of Mexican architects for designer Domenico de Palo and his furnishing designs and other home decor products. This identity blends together a historic, sans-serif style typeface, a velvet red colors scheme, and pops of marble accents to create a brand reminiscent of the Ancient Roman era or the classic Italian Renaissance style.

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Brand New Conference 2019

The Brand New Conference took a fun and energized design approach for the conference’s tenth anniversary. Inspired by the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, the 2019 conference decided to center their event around a scaled up look of the current city we’ve grown to know and recognize and transform it into the classic version of what the city once was, without losing its signature, modern, glitzy style. By sticking with a compact and bold serif font, the conference designers were able to combine the letters with the colorful, neon images of the Las Vegas lights to create multiple, one-of-a-kind combinations without having to worry about the letters legibility.

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This branding from Nomart brings together Scandinavian and Italian influences to create a mid-century modern style that is truly timeless. By combining the mid-century typeface with the copper and beige hues, the brand’s identity is able to stand out on its own while simultaneously complimenting the furniture and decor items the company sells.

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Mylko Brand Identity

Take a look at this brand identity for Mylko milk that is reminiscent of a classic American era. Taking a page from traditional 1950’s product design, Mylko creates a contemporary version of the traditional milk bottle style that is engrained within the Americana culture of the past. The movement within the brand’s typography helps to create a smooth and simple visual that pairs perfectly with the product and its packaging, making the brand instantly recognizable.

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Native Body & Skin

This tropical rainforest brand identity, created by design student Shohida Rasulova, brings the warm, jungle atmosphere to the everyday person. By using soft, pastel hues as the background colors, the accompanying custom typeface is accentuated against the brands colorful backdrop. The fonts thin weight, capitalized type, and use of geometric icons play up the brands information to create a subtle, one-of-a-kind typeface. The fonts thin weight, capitalized type, and use of geometric icons play up the brands information to create a subtle, one-of-a-kind typeface.

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